1 brains, 5 brawn - how to rack?

Fab feedback, many thanks.

Switch sounds like it is moving onto unit in corner here too, alongside router and NAS.

Just been discussing this with SWMBO and she’s now muttering about replacing the corner unit (which she’s never liked) with a bamboo one to match SV2T :laughing: I expect soon to be dragged to furniture shops housing bamboo or having an iPad thrust in my face with options. A small price to pay for domestic harmony.

Not sure if it is of any help but it looks as if Quadraspire are releasing Bamboo cube storage units shortly?

Weren’t aware of those. Qubes LP x4 with NAS, router, switch on top could work.

Whether we’re keeping vinyl in the mix is still undecided

Similar to mine but I’ve got the ndx2 on top…
pipe insulation is the way forward… stops it all touching…

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