1 Fraim stack - 1 quad 4 evo Stack

I have an opportunity to pick up 4 levels of Fraim, and moving house soon so will actually have a space that fits my gear.

I’d have to use the Fraim stack for half my gear and the Quadraspire for another. Curious to opinions on which rack gets brains and which gets brawn.

Gear is as follows:
Rega RP 10 - would go on wall bracket

552 / 552 PS
300 / 300 PS
Hiline / 3rd party Supercap
Marantz HD CD1
RP 10 PS

Thoughts and feedback appreciated

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I’d go with brains on the fraim.

I did brains for fraim, didn’t try the other way, sounds great to me this way round.

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Expect a visit from the cable dressing police :dizzy_face:



Seems fairly unanimous :slight_smile:

The very bottom Fraim shelf is the wrong way around
Flip it so the bearing cups cut outs don’t show.
( hope that makes sense )

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Fraim brains!

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