1 Year on - Thank You

It’s now been 1 year since I joined this Forum, and I just wanted to say it’s been brilliant. I joined when I brought a ND5 XS2 to add to my 102/HC/140. The members have been extremely helpful to me, and also cost me a packet, but delighted they have. I am now waiting on a delivery of a new NDX2, so in total over the last year I have contributed to:

  • Naims profits
  • eBays profits
  • PayPal’s profits
  • Second hand Naim market
    …Plus sold many bits of old stuff found in drawers (like most of us, pandemic has been the cause of much clearing out), which then fed back into my HiFi fix.

I listen to so much more music now, and have enjoyed following the many people/topics on this Forum which I think is well managed. I hope I have also offered useful help to others in my contributions.

Many thanks!

@Richard.Dane , please can you close this down as it doesn’t really warrant a reply- just wanted to say thank you to all