10% off Naim prices

True, but despite diminishing returns, after many years of upgrading I have learnt you pretty much get what you pay for as you go up the Naim hierarchy. It is for the individual to decide if a particular upgrade represents value for money, a tricky concept to get your head around as this is always an emotional evaluation.

For several years I resisted the higher levels of power supplies due to a perceived lack of value for money. But some of the biggest leaps in SQ in my rig have come from the addition of top notch power supplies. I still remember the day I added a 555DR to my NDS!

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If you don’t go to your usual dealer, do you have to prove that you’re a bona fide Naim owner???

So if power supplies are included, but it’s Classic series only, would I be right in assuming that the discount would apply to the Classic finish 555PS, but not the brushed and anodised finish unit?

Thought the CD555 ps classic finish had been discontinued?

It’s still in the Feb '19 price list. I’d prefer a 500 series one though to match the one I already have.

Hence, wondering about adding one to my NDX2.

It will sound great, but the Xpsdr is worth visiting if you are not likely to up grade to 500 stuff, i thought it was a really good upgrade.

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Yes, thanks, I remember you saying that. 500 series is beyond me, family to support. My dealer suggested the XPSDR along similar lines too. Leaves with whether to do the Hicap for the SN2 first, or wait and do both together. I’ve worked out a cabinet configuration, though new furniture arrives soon, so may be able to wriggle a rack in, it I can convince the family…

I added a second-hand 555PSDR to a 1st gen NDX earlier this year, and the difference was significant, it tightened up all areas of the sound to a more “real” sound, not that the NDX was bad before. I did hear a bare NDX2 through 252/SCDR/300DR into B&W702S2, and it was pretty good. An NDX2/555PSDR through my 52/SC/135s into B&W804S a month or so later was a massive step-up. (The reference point was an ND555/555PSDR used as a comparison, in the shop the bare NDX2 (by mistake there was no Burndy available to try with 555PS) was good, but not great into the pretty high end Classic electronics, while the ND555 unsurprisingly was stunning. In my olive rig, the NDX2/555PSDR was very very good using my warm PSU, the 555 using the cold dealer PSU was stunning again.)

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The cd555ps is better imo, but the xpsdr to my ears gets you 70% of the SQ uplift, at least. It sounded, really nice to my ears, as ever, try and listen to both.


Really good point, I bought the second hand 555PS thinking I might get the ND555, but if I’d got an NDX2 I’d have definitely tried the XPS as well. At the Bristol show last year when the NDX2/SN2/Kanta 2 system was more musical for me than the 500 series into Utopia rig I asked the Naim guy whether the NDX2 benefitted much from the 555PS, he said yes, but also be sure to try the XPS.


Good tip, thanks, XPS DR might just be in range now and given the Burndy included seems decent VFM ?

According to my dealer the offer includes Classic and Uniti ranges. The offer works - have taken the plunge to trade in my HICAP for a SupercapDR on my 282. Due for delivery next week.

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Weird…by a strange and uncanny coincidence I will be in Audio T tomorrow morning…

…while Nick replaces a dim logo in my nDAC. LOL

Is it included now? I bought an XPSDR last summer and the Burndy wasn’t in the box. The dealer did a good deal on one tho to get me going.

The XPS has always been supplied with a Burndy. If it wasn’t in the box it was a mistake and you should not have been charged for one. The 555PS is not supplied with a Burndy.

You’re right - I had to include the Burndy with the XPS which went as p/x for 555, then got the new one included at a good price as it wasn’t in with the 555.

Apologies. My mistake. I bought the two within a handful of months of each other, that’s my excuse :slight_smile:

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