£1000 on Naim DAC or Hicap DR?

We’re really liking the crispness of sound coming from the NDX2 even into the SuperUniti (temporary setup, long story). So thinking we could try toslink from Sky Q to NDX2, letting the NDX2 do it’s stuff on cleansing and processing the signal before handing off to nDAC.

Will also be easier to train SWMBO to use the NDX2 input selection button than explaining how numbers 7/8/9/0 change nDAC input from the 252 remote. With system automation we wouldn’t need the 252 remote unless having a vinyl session.

Are you able use the native Spotify and Tidal apps or is it all controlled through Naim app? Thanks.

With the 1st gen streamers it was possible to use system automation with the NDAC so that its inputs could be selected from the app alongside the regular streamer inputs. Unfortunately this is no longer possible with the Mk2 so yes, you will have an easier life if you connect to the NDX2.


I use the native App for Spotify as Spotify connect is built in. Can’t remember whether I used the Naim App or the Tidal one when I did the Tidal free trial. Someone here will confirm. Whichever it was, the Spotify App is much better than either.


What do you think could be improved? The starting point is if you’re enjoying the music do you need to do anything?



That sounds like the most straightforward solution as you are using the NDX2 as a digital hub and can just leave the nDAC set on the NDX2 input. The only downside I can think of is you will introduce another small degree of latency but that shouldn’t be noticeable.

Good point, the lip sync might be a bit further out. Hopefully not much, but it’s something to be aware of.

Yes, any significant audio delay would be unfortunate for the telly side of things. It’s definitely something which was on our minds as we change our digital front end - no desire to ever go back to telly speakers, that was short term pain introduced by household merge.

Sky Q into 272 had absolutely no timing issues ever, as does Sky Q into SuperUniti.

I guess we could actually, with current 3 slots, try NDX2/DC1/nDAC->SU and see if a delay is introduced/noticeable if we shift toslink to nDAC and then NDX2 (as opposed to straight into SU as it currently sits).

Yep. Only one way to find out.

Hankering after a bit more oomph in the low end. I remember a hicap making a differences in my previous system (122x/150x). Gave it a bit more punch and dynamism. Speaker changes aren’t possible.

I still recall how pleased I was with my CDS3 into a Nait XS and SBLs. What I am trying to say is that I would try and feed as good a source as possible into your amplification, however modest it is. And there is nothing modest about your SN2 from what I’ve read.




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