101 tuner

Just acquired a 101 tuner and wonder how to connect it to my 32 snaps 110 setup ? Do I need another snaps ?

I’ve just looked at pictures of the 101… but as far as I can see you would need something like a SNAPS to power it, you’d then run an interconnect cable from the SNAPS to the 32 to feed the signal to the tuner input (a 4pin-5pin interconnect).

I’m sure someone with direct experience will be along shortly!

I do like the design of the 101, will fit well with the 32 and 110.

It needs a power supply. I’d get an early Hicap with both single and dual rail feeds for the 32 and reallocate the snaps to the 101.

I thought this should have come with a Snaps as normally they are matched. You may find the alignment of the tuner head in the 101 slightly out if not so it’s worth sending the 101 head and ( once you find one) Snaps to Naim for full alignment. Lovely tuner though.

They are great until the bulb blows, when you have to take it all apart to fit a new one, and find that the rotating tuning scale is the bottom of a Tizer bottle or some such. They do sound great, but are somewhat homespun.

Yep - but that’s one of the attractions of this little box. Just forget the the tuning drum display is made up of the bottom of a measuring jug and all will be well !

Somewhere in the Caverns of Recall I think we used to check and trim the output voltage of whatever PS was being used with the NAT 101.

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