102/150 with Bowers & Wilkins 703 S2

Hi all,

With deference to your experience and hard won experience, I ask the following:

Are the speakers I’ve listed above, too much of a load for the nap 150 to drive.

Yes, it’s somewhat subjective, but just keen to hear your thoughts on what is obviously irking me.

My Atom would appear to drive the speakers with more top end clarity as well as mids being airier…

Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

102/180 has been serviced so is running in again. Sound is good but not great.

Am I just expecting too much from entry level equipment? I’ve ordered a hicap and hoping this will raise the bar somewhat.

Or, do I just sell everything and order 252/250 Dr and spend the next ten years paying off my credit card :sweat_smile:

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