11 pin burndy & 15 pin burndy

Uniticore/ ND555/CDX2/252/300

ND555 currently being powered by 2 x 555ps dr,
2 questions :

  1. Uniticore via switch (Lan cord) to ND555 (ND555 signal ground switch to default or floating then ?) no hmm either default or floating instead !

  2. I would like to use one of the 555ps to power CDX2, do I need a 11 pin S-XPS burndy ( a MUST) or I could use my current 15 pin stock as a substitute (likely not) why not ?

Kindly enlighten


  1. Use default

  2. You need an SXPS Burndy.


I’m assuming you are going to use the ND555 back in single 555PS mode and move the spare 555PS onto the CDX2, rather than trying to use a spare output from one of the two 555PS units presently powering the ND555 ?

You are right
I am using one 555 ps for ND555 leaving the other to power CDX2.
I know the rule !

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So if someone has an Nd555 with 2 X 555 ps, it’s possible to power also the Cdx2 and keep the two 555 ps on the Nd555?


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Not possible
It’s been addressed a number of times in the forum

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Richard, could you educate me why a 15 pin burndy not fit for CDX2 ?

You need an XPS or S-XPS Burndy for use with the CDX2.

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I asked that because @james_n said : “ why not use a spare output from one of the 555 ps?”

He didn’t say that :slight_smile: It was meant as in “you surely don’t want to use a spare output”



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There are many different burndys and the pins are surely not guaranteed to be connected straight through. So pin 10 on one side might be connected to pin 5 on the other side, and every unit will have its own expectations about what voltage comes out of which pin

Just want to know a bit more …. Specific
Thx mate !

Ok - just checking :+1:

No I didn’t say that…

Edit - just saw @Suedkiez response :+1:


What’s your split of listening between the ND555 and CDX2?

I’ve barely listened to a CD on my player in the last couple of years - it’s all on the streamer. I’d be worried about compromising the performance of the ND555.

How new is your CDX2? Does it have digital out? Perhaps you could try using the ND555’s DAC? (And leave both PS555s on the ND.)

Yes , you are right. I misunderstood.

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I was also wondering because when there are 2 X555 ps involved, I thought that maybe an SXPs burndy can be also connected.
I knew that it’s not possible for example to power simultaneously a CD555 and ND555 with 2 ps.

No digital out 2003 built
Loverly sound
Drive with a 555ps superb ! No complaint

ND555 with one 555 ps not as detail as CDX2 -alone as Uniticore rip CD at 16 bit without upscale is a handicap. However 48/96 bit obviously a different animal.

In short, the second 555 ps with ND555 not a big jump but a good replacement of CDX2 - convenience sake.

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