112/150 combination vs supernait 2

Morning all. Following my previous post regarding volume control on my nac112 I have been in contact with my main dealer. They have offered me a good trade in and price on a supernait 2.

I do need to go in and listen of course but any advice at this stage on the potential upgrade this might bring would be very welcome. I am not at all technical and for the record I am happy with the 112/150 at the moment. I mainly listen to vinyl on Lynn axis and cds on the cd5.

It does seem like a good option in terms of keeping my present set up pretty much as is but losing a box.


It will be a step up in amplification for sure, however quite possibly getting towards the amp being rather too revealing of your source in both cases. It won’t sound bad, but i’d think about where you want to end up with your system. As a preference i would rather use a better source into a ‘lesser’ amp, and in fact i use a CDS3 and mid spec LP12 into a Nait 5, not that i’m suggesting thats where you need to be but you get my point…


I would not hesitate! Just got a sn2 and luv it. Controlled and effortlessly musical

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@Gary makes a very good point. Nonetheless a SN2 is a proven class act. Your Axis whilst not a LP12 or equivalent is still a very fine TT, in fact I wonder if Linn regret dropping it given the vinyl resurgence. I’d be inclined to go for it.



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Hi Gary. I do get what you are saying. I realise I am very much at the lower end of my separates and certainly have no huge drive to spend fortunes on some holygrail. Are you saying the supernait will expose the rest of my setup. Stu

Sounds positive, I will give it an audition. Cheers Stu

This is the tough part, I am not unhappy presently. I am at the budget end of Naim and Linn but it’s still quality. Just needed a sanity check and it looks like the sn2 may be a good option. cheers

Nothing Naim is at the budget end of hi fi. I haven’t heard the SN2 but I have found that any upgrade of kit has always given an improvement in sound quality, which by it’s nature exposes the good and the bad. Is it worth it. Heck yes.

True, the options just seem endless. In truth if I didn’t have an issue with the 112 volume dial I wouldn’t be having this chat. All advice very welcome.

But that’s the whole point of hifi, man.
Get with the programme!

A clear symptom of not having spent enough time on the forum.


The 112/150 combo is a cracker, but really can be improved with the additon of a flatcap2. I had just such a set up until recently (6 plus years). If you are going to add a fc2 then the sn2 probably is a better upgrade.

Lol… Sounds deadly. In truth not been using it enough since moving 3 years ago, just started again, loving it then it plays up.

I have a flatcap2, also a Stageline Phono stage. Also using plc gb1s which I love.


I moved from 112/150 to a SN1 year ago, was a great step up, I can only recommend.

Ok that’s again positive, where did you notice the greatest improvements and what sources are you using? Cheers Stu

If you like the 112/150, the SuperNait 2 is a step up, but also a different sound. The SuperNait 1 has a similar bold sound as the 112 and the Nait 5. You might well like the SuperNait 2, it is cleaner and more transparent. But if the offer is right, why not?

It seems the consensus is it will be a step up for sure so I just need to audition and go from there. Thanks again. Stu

Indeed but then you can start saving pennies for source upgrades!