12 most luxurious motor homes

Some of these guys motor homes are incredible. Personally I have never encountered one of those in France, when travelling.
Fun to watch.

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Personally could not be bothered…….too much money tied up, rather a good hotel or airbnb.


That would easily fit 12 kids. I’ll have a word with my wife.


Fascinating. Thanks FR.
I’ll take two!

How is it on mini-roundabouts?

We know it’s for millionaires, but it’s fun to see such technology.
The second car has a Burmester audio system inside.

I know…….but i still could not be bothered, prefer the other options. Each to their own. Now when we lived in the U.S where you could really get out into the wilds of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan……game on.

I understand. But I didn’t watched that because I want one of those cars.
I am watching sometimes tv shows on high end cars. Just for fun.

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Never been in North America where these land yachts live. For us europeans these motor homes can’t access the really nice spots.

Of those, I’ll have the small Hymer, far more usable than the other behemoths. But for the money the hymer costs, their mlt crossover 4x4 gives even more options and less need for a huge midge net to cover the open deck :wink:

Too much pretentious! I would pass it.

Didn’t the Scottish Government have a fancy one ? :melting_face:


Makes my Hi-Fi positively good value for money.

So I told Mrs DG.



A small motor home that would work off the grid for a few days could interest me, but one of the big monstrosities no thanks.

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