12v Trigger Control

First time poster here…

I recently purchased the Uniti Atom HE. I love it.

Besides supplying sweet sounds to my headphones, I’m also using it as a preamp for my Mytek Brooklyn AMP+ power amp via XLR cables.

I am not very “literate” when it comes to audio equipment, so this may be a (very) dumb question:

The Mytek amp has a 12v power up trigger. The Atom HE has a nice remote and a good App, both of which can be used to power up the Atom. However, I still need to always go to my system rack to physically power up and down the Mytek amp.

Is there a way to use the Uniti Atom HE to trigger the power switch of my amplifier? If the Atom can’t do it, are there separate electronics that could do this?

Thanks in advance.

The Atom can’t, to my knowledge. Generally, Naim amps don’t have 12V triggers because Naim doesn’t believe in turning off equipment.

Theoretically, it would be easy to design a remote-controlled independent little box that provides the 12V trigger signal to the Mytek. Haven’t seen such a thing, but I am continually surprised by the little tools that exist in the modern world, so probably there is some Chinese guy who is selling one :slight_smile:

Edit: Google “DIY 12-V Trigger remote” and you will find DIY projects, I am sure such a thing exists also ready-made


Thank you Suedkiez!

I will have a browse on the internet to see what I can find.

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