150x add PSU or swap for Olive 250?

My system is 272, serviced 150x, Arivas.
Should I add a power supply and if so which one?
Or sell it and get an Olive 250?
(I can’t afford a 250DR at the moment, and borrowed a 200, which didn’t sound much different.)

Hi Jim Dog. Unless you can find a mint serviced olive 250 I would wait until you can afford a newer 250 or even 250DR. You’ll then tick it off and sit back and enjoy.

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Plenty of serviced Olive 250s turn up in the usual place(s). Expect to pay around a thousand quid.

was rather tipsy when I wrote this t’other night
what I meant was:
trade in 150x for olive 250? - seems not a good idea to mix that with a 272 - and the 150x is worknig a treat since it was serviced
but should I beef it up with a powerline or PL Lite - or some other meaty cable - perhaps a hydra?
Or get a 2nd hand XP5 XS or an XPS for the 272…?
It has been fun moving on from a teetotal January!

Adding a 250 and an XPS are both worthwhile upgrades, and sooner or later you’re probably going to want to do both, so I would just go for which ever box you can find a good deal on first. Have you got a decent rack to put them on?

Yes, a Quadraspire Q4 Evo Hi Fi Rack with 4 shelves in maple and silver.

What’s the difference between an XPS and an XPS2, when used with a 272?

Or an XPSDR?

The Olive XPS can’t be used with a 272 I believe but to answer your original question if the 150x is running your speakers ok then I would go for a PSU.

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