152 xs sold for the UK, now in the US

Is a 152 the same in the Uk as in the US? Or does it need to be converted? I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on this. I have one and can’t get it to work


I’m sorry to read this. Have you contacted Naim directly?

Failing that @NeilS might be able to help…

I can’t see why it would need converting. It’s not mains powered. What are you connecting the 152 to as you’ll need a power supply. Either one built into a Naim power amp or something like a Flatcap will work nicely.

I have a Hicap DR and a NAP 200

Ok that’s good. Have you got the appropriate link plugs fitted ? You may want to try it first with just the 200 and both link plugs in to check the 152 works fine. Worth consulting the manual too as this amp has a different set of PSU upgrade options.

I have the paddle plug fitted into link 1. That’s it.

Are you confident that you have it connected up properly? There are a number of ways to power a 152, and it can be confusing. Have a look at this if you’re not sure: https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/files/Connection%20Guide%20Amplification%20Rev%201J.pdf

Presumably the Hicap and 200 are US versions?

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Yea, she’s hooked up right

If you are using the Hicap, you need to pull out the paddle link & fit the round 5 pin link in the upgrade 1 socket.


I tried that and all of the lights go out on the pre

Pretty certain it’s the other way round…
Fit the link plug with paddle into Upgrade Link 1, remove the round link plug and then connect the HiCap to Upgrade Socket 2 with Snaic-5. Connect NAP200 to any of the HiCap’s 4-pin sockets.

Upgrade 1 is for the front display panel circuits
Upgrade 2 is for the main pre-amp circuits

See P18 in ChrisSU’s link to the Connection Guide but ignore the FlatCapXS connections and keep the paddled link plug in place.

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I was going by the one on page 20 (ignoring the Stageline).


This one:

Does seem a bit odd though, surely upgrade 1 is the first PS upgrade & upgrade 2 the second?

NeilS, the upgrade numbering on the 152XS was certainly confusing and it fooled us a few times at first. Upgrade 2 before Upgrade 1, who’d have thought???

And, whilst I’m not 100% sure, if you ask me the round link plug in Upgrade1 is incorrect in the P20 diagram. Cannot recall using this arrangement when we sold the 152XS, but will stand corrected here.

Hopefully the OP has got it sorted though.

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So I use the upgrade 2 link and Hicap to amplifier . Found this particularly difficult to set up but you must fit the plug back over the link 1 socket .

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I’m surprised to read that upgrade 1 and upgrade 2 can be considered to be of equal importance. At some point I will try my FCXS on upgrade 2 instead of 1.

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