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After 6 rewarding years with my 152/155 I was all set to replace it with a Supernait 3, then along came a 282 at a price I couldn’t resist and in a moment of madness I went ahead and bought it. Delivery expected some time next week and the anticipation is killing me.

Not quite sure what I thinking. I blame this forum and the never-ending praise for the 282 :slight_smile: Though to be fair I heard a 282 based setup (with TT) in my local SSAV last year which left a lasting impression.

My setup will be a XP5XS/ND5XS → 282 → 155 → Neat SX1. Positively low-end on the 282 scale but I’m hoping it serves me well until the next upgrade. I’ll post my impressions once everything’s settled in.

Next upgrade might be a nap200 (which can power it same as the 155 can) or a 250 plus a hicap.
Keep the napsc away from the 282.

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The 282/155 is actually a very good pairing.


Great move @Wayne, that’s the preamp I fancy.

I have owned one before a few years ago. Please let us know how it goes.


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Enjoy your 282. It’s a great preamp and should fit well with your source and power amp. You can always upgrade but should be great as it is!

@Wayne what’s it like then?

I went from 152xs/155xs to 282/250dr/HC and the improvement in all areas was huge. I would suggest you save some more pennies and skip the nap200.


Living proof that the rules of mathematics do not apply to the Naim forum. Here it’s usually cheaper to buy more expensive stuff :woozy_face:


I made a conscious decision to hold off posting my thoughts until I could provide a balanced opinion and not an excited rant of superlatives after the first day of ownership, but then life became busy and I kept putting it off.

Anyway, the short answer is that I’m extremely happy with the 282. It’s been a solid upgrade vs the 152 and worth every penny.

My initial reaction was just awe. What immediately stood out was the amount of detail coming through the speakers, as if a clarity dial was turned up to 100. Same source, NAP and speakers but a totally different presentation laying bare absolutely everything in the recording. From high to low, if it’s in the recording it comes out of the speakers at the intended level.

I’m repeating what others have said but the energy, soundstage and overall quality of the bass is just phenomenal. Music has a real tangible quality which I love, and this is an area where my speakers have been given a new lease of life. It’s clear that the Neat SX1s have taken a giant leap forward with the additional control from the 282.

I have a newfound respect for the NAP 155. It’s seriously capable and it just shows how important the preamp is in the chain.

The 152 still wins outright when it comes to the volume control. I always wondered what the big deal was around discussion of volume control on the 282, 252 etc. but now I get it. It takes some getting used to and it’s not a deal breaker, but I wish it had the volume control from the 152.

I know I’m missing out on more performance though. Everything sounds super at low & medium volume but when I turn it up the mids & highs harden. It’s not much of an issue for me because I don’t listen that loud anyway. I remember the same on the 152 with and without the Flatcap XS attached. With the FCXS it sounded cleaner but with reduced soundstage and energy at higher volume, but I ultimately preferred the gutsier presentation without the FCXS at a low to medium volume. Perhaps a 200DR or Hicap DR will give me the best of both worlds but I’m not thinking about upgrades right now, I still enjoying what I have :smiley:


Thanks, great write up and glad it has worked out for you :slight_smile:

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It could be a room/room treatment issue but if not my thought would be the NAP155 is holding you back. I went from a 150X to a 200 (had a 202 at the time), wasn’t expecting much change but I was wrong. I think the 150X was limiting what I could get out of the 202 so I would imagine the 155 is restricting what your 282 can do. I have since went to the 250DR (paired with the 282) & again is was another big step up from the 200 & would highly recommend the 250DR if its in the budget. Both the 200 & 250DR work well with the 282 but the 250DR brings out far more details, while being far more refined sounding & in general is a much fuller sounding amp, obviously with a bigger bottom end. The 250DR should be a large improvement vs the 155 as you turn the volume up as well.


I’m aware that I’m powering the 282 at level 1 and using the same level 1 to drive the speakers, but overall I’m happy with the result. It’s nice having the flexibility to make significant improvements further down the line. When the time comes to upgrade I’ll be agonising over whether to first go for a Hicap DR with a view to upgrading the NAP to a 250DR, or to continue with a 2 box amp get a 200DR (which appeals to me more). But that’s for another time.

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Not directly related to my own situation (250DR/202 intention) but this post goes to show there’s often good info in other discussions

Still sounds to me a bit like an:

But I’m glad you are enjoying your new preamp, thanks for sharing.

A 250 would be ideal whether olive, CB, 250.2 or 250DR, and would need a HiCap to match. One thing at a time!

I went from a Nac152xs, Nap155xs driving guru junior speakers.
Firstly I upgraded the pre amp with the Nac52.
I experienced exactly what you are experiencing a clarity and much more detail coming through. It was unbelievable playing old favourites and hearing them in such detail.

I then upgraded the 155xs with a Nap300. Well to be honest the difference was minimal.
I have since upgraded my speakers and it’s a totally different ball game.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that if the Nap155xs is a good match with your speakers/room situation I don’t believe you will notice as big difference by upgrading your power amp as you did with the pre amp upgrade.


I find that very hard to believe. Properly set up in the right system the 300 is a radical improvement over even a 250.

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You may find that hard to believe but I can assure you that was my impression.
The difference between the 155xs & the 300 driving my guru juniors in my relatively small room at the time was minimal.
The difference replacing the pre amp 152xs with the Nac52 was revelationary.

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