152XS Compatible Remotes?

The battery compartment cap on my NARCOM 4 remote broke. Ideally, I could just find a replacement cap but I assume that’s almost impossible.

I’m having a little trouble finding a NARCOM 4 replacement. Does anyone know if other Naim remotes are compatible with my 152XS? That would help me expand my search.


Any Naim Narcom (1-5) should work fine, otherwise an i-com, R-com, or Flash.

FWIW, I know what you mean about the Narcom 4 (AKA the Stealth remote). One of the dogs had a go with one of mine (naughty boy Twig!) and the battery compartment cap has never been found…

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Adeotec, speak to James Allney at TomTom Audio in St Albans. He will either have in stock, or be able to find for you, just about anything Naim-related.

I have no financial interest - just a (very) satisfied customer.

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