155xs and 112 pre amp combo

Hi anybody out there got the 155xs power amp and 112 preamp combination?

I have a Nait 5si would this be a decent upgrade?

Appreciate any advice

The 112, while competent, is not that great. I’d find the extra cash for a 122x or, even better, a 152xs. The latter is the best of the 5 series preamps and also benefits from the same brushed fascia as the 155xs - they are literally made to go together. Back in the day I upgraded from a Nait 5i to a 122x/150x and was delighted with the improvement.

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The NAC122x is a big improvement over the NAC112, and I would really be looking at least at one of these to partner either a NAP150x or a NAP155xs power amp.

As Nigel says above, the NAC152xs is the natural partner for the NAP155xs and you get a similar brushed alloy fascia (the others are painted zinc/magnesium alloy).

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I previously had the 152/155xs combination and it was a great pairing. If you can find and add the 152 you won’t be disappointed.

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+1 for the 152/155 combo. I’ve had this amp for 5 years+ and I still love it.

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First of all Mike, plaudits for heading for pre-power from your integrated.

I’m another long-time 152XS/ 155XS owner.

There’s a 152XS available at a major British Naim dealer. I’m guessing it might be £150 more than the 112 that you have been offered. I say you won’t regret finding the extra 150 quid :slight_smile:


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When browsing the Naim connection guide I noticed that there’s a page where the 152xs is using both a Flatcap and a Hicap. Out of curiosity, is this a similar idea to the NAPSC and HC on a 282, whereby the different supplies power different parts of the amp? Obviously on a 282, if using 2 x HCs they need to be as closely manufactured as possible so I assume suggested different PSU models entirely must have a completely separate functions.

I’ve not ever heard any of the combinations higher up the Naim heirachy but I’m a happy 152 / 155 user.

There’s also been a recent thread on subequently adding a Flatcap to the 152.

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I had a 152xs powered by the flatcap xs and the Hicap combination. After a bit of swapping I preferred the 152xs powered by the flatcap xs. I put the Hicap on my cd5 and overall this is what I found the best to my ears. Now i have the 202 with the Hicap and this is a definite step up in sound quality.

I was more interested in what each PSU is powering

Yes, in this case the Flatcap would be powering the logic circuits and the Hicap powering the analogue audio circuits.

On a NAC282 you have a NAPSC for the logic circuits (also optional on a NAC202, only only a NAPSC can be used in both cases).

Not wanting to confuse things but how would a 155/112 compare to say a 140/72?

I get that the OP has been specific about these, but there might be a cheaper? better option?

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