172/200 or Uniti Atom

Currently have a UnitiQute/200 running ProAc Tablette Anniversary in a small living room system.

Don’t use the UQ amp so thinking about replacing it with a 172 or selling the UQ/200 and replacing both with Uniti Atom. Just don’t know how much better the front end of the streamers have gotten with the new Uniti releases.

Any experience in this area would be appreciated.

I use an Atom in our living room, having moved the bigger Naim system into another room, and I’ve been very happy with it. It’s no match for a well set up separates system, though, and even though the 172 is a combined streamer/DAC/preamp squeezed into one box, I’ve heard it sounding remarkably good with a 200, and I think you’ll find that it performs better than the Atom. It will also happily drive a wider range of speakers.
The advantage of the Atom is the updated streaming platform it runs. This might not matter if you just stream from a NAS, but for web streaming, Roon, Chromecast, AirPlay etc. it is a step forwards.

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