172xs firmware 4.4 vs 4.7

Hello, everyone. For the record, I did read the only other topic I could find on the matter, and general conclusion was that it sounded no different than 4.6. I am one of those who preferred 4.4, and still have that on mine. But I wanted to check for some long-term impressions on the 4.7, now that the update is over a year old. Also, I’d like to mention that my screen is dead, and I don’t remember if I need it during the firmware installation - it worked when I did the 4.6 test.

Thank you.

Hi, if you save the various firmware versions on your computer, you can always revert to a preferred version later if you find the latest is not to your liking. Personally I found 4.7 to be as good as any when I had an NDX, but if you disagree, you will not be burning your bridges by installing it.
Doing the update without a screen may be a little daunting, although you essentially control it via the updater on your computer, so with care, I reckon you should be OK.
Good luck!

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I’m on 4.7 with my NDX. This is after a few years of beta testing & swapping back & forth more revs & DSP variations than people are aware existed.
I still have copies of the good ones, but settled on 4.7.
Also worth noting with much of the beta test variants, NDX owners mostly all agreed, but not so at times with NDS owners, 272 also varied, therefore take that it’s a possible variable depending on the hardware it’s installed on. So try whatever is available & go back if you find you prefer an earlier rev.

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I too I am on 4.7 on my NDS (the last and the best I believe)

The last time I have a preference it was on 4.4.72 vs 4.4.73 vs 4.4.74 vs 4.4.75 and I can’t rememer which ones we were meant to be comparing and what the outcome was.
I believe a hybrid firmware release was selected for all NDS, NDX, ND5XS, 172 and 272 units.

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