172xs how to load TIDAL

I am having issues with installing Tidal with the Naim App into nac172xs.

I had no problems with Spotify.

Do you already have a Tidal account that works with the Tidal app? You need up to date firmware on the 172, then if you open the Tidal input on the Naim app, you should be prompted to enter your Tidal user name and password. If not, try going to input settings - Tidal and check there.

Chris I think if his 172XS works with Spotify then it has the firmware for Tidal doesn’t it?



Not sure about that, with my NDX (same f/w as 172) Spotify came first, then Tidal came along, not sure of f/w rev. its a shame we no longer have access to the old forum beta notes.

Whatever the latest firmware is 4.7 so if that’s not loaded, best go get it.

Spotify came first, I think it was 4.1? Tidal was on 4.4, so I think there could be a few old versions that do one and not the other.

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Yes I think you are right. Unfortunately you can only see release notes for 4.4 and later in the Naim web pages. Anyway for reliable Tidal it needs 4.7


Thanks Gents

I think I should upgrade my 172xs to a 272 maybe or just listen to cds and my 1984 unmodified Linn!

You don’t need to do that! If you look in the Naim app it will tell you the firmware version for the streamer. Or you can use the remote to do it. It’s a bit of a palaver to do a firmware update but the instructions are clear enough and you have to follow them exactly. Or you could ask your dealer to do it. You can go straight to 4.7 with a 172XS from whatever firmware you are on.

I think the problem is that my firmware version is 2.11.1 so I may have to contact Naim to try and update to version 3 then 4.7 maybe?

Streamer version 4.6.00

2.11 is the Naim app version number on your Android devise
Steamer version 4.6 is the actual 172 firmware version

It’s streamer version we are talking about 4.6 should work on Tidal providing that whoever did the upgrade did 4.4 first, as the 4.6 update omitted the Tidal libraries by mistake. But you can go to 4.7 from anything that will be in a 172XS and it puts all the Tidal stuff in again.


Well I am 60 years in the making!

Well it’s a little later here than where you are so I am going to put the tv on and simply watch Netflix, I might try to upload 4.7 tomorrow morning Eastern Standard Time Brisbane. I thank you for your help Gents.

No problems, you’re a young whipper snapper, it took 'em 75 to knock me into shape

If you want to use Tidal, I would strongly suggest that you consider one of the new generation Naim streamers, as these have better performance with web based streaming services, especially Tidal, which can have connection issues with the older models. There is no new version of the 272, so unless Naim release one, you would need a separate streamer and preamp, or perhaps a Nova, depending on the rest of your system.
Still, your 172 should have a functioning Tidal input on firmware version 4.6, so maybe if you can get to the bottom of that issue, you’ll be sorted.

It won’t have a functioning Tidal input if someone upgraded the firmware to 4.6 without going through 4.4 first, because Naim forgot to include theTidal libraries in 4.6, which didn’t matter if you were already on 4.4 but meant that Tidal simply isn’t there as an option if the 4.6 firmware was done on top of 4.3 or lower. You can see in the release notes for 4.7 that they have fixed that now.

I happen to know about this because I updated two streamers from 4.3 to 4.6 and two other streamers from 4.4 to 4.6 and noticed that the Tidal input was missing on two of them. So I raised it with Naim in the beta group and they came back with a response which boiled down to “Ahh. You better revert to 4.4 on the two streamers that were on 4.3 and then do 4.6 again”



Thanks David

I have uploaded to 4.6 and there was Tidal, like magic.

Ok first song I listened to was Love Over Gold, I used to use as a demo with Linn Isobariks passive, Linn Sondek and Naim 250 amps, and I think a Naim preamp when I worked as a youngster age 24 at Stereo Supplies Brisbane. Also used to demonstrate with monster TDL’s that’s some great history. Thanks for your help!

Glad you are enjoying the 172 with Tidal now, I happen to think the 172 hits well above it’s weight… and what a really helpful thread from members too…

Glad it’s sorted out. But you should be 4.7 firmware now, so if you are still on 4.6 then it’s worth now doing the 4.7 update which fixes a few bugs including an important Tidal one.