1970s Hi-Fi Brochures for Download

Following more interest than I expected when posting an image of a Sony cassette deck I owned in the 1970’s I was prompted to search my garage for some Hi-Fi brochures I thought I had retained from that period.

With permission from @Richard.Dane I have now scanned them in PDF format & uploaded them to the Wetransfer website (following instruction from @robert-h (thanks).

The link to the files will only last a week from now (the 22nd May), so be quick if you are interested in seeing them.

The files are:-

Sony Hi-Fi & Stereo Cassettes Autumn 1976 (Includes Elcasets EL 5 & EL 7)
Sony Hi-Fi Spring 1979 (full range by the look of it)
JVC Stereo Cassette Decks (not dated, but I believe 1979 or 1980)
Garrard record deck Data Sheets (collected in 1973 when I bought my first ‘proper’ Hi-Fi deck. Photo & spec. of each unit, including Garrard 401)

The web link is:-

Hope the link works & that someone enjoys them.


Garrard worked for me…! I recognised the AP76 and the 401 - but none of the others.

I went for the AP96. I think I was assured the wooden tonearm would damp unwanted vibrations!

Either way, it sounded OK to me & certainly looked the part at the time.

Ahh, the JVC KD720: I got one of those as a 21st birthday present.

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Fantastic - thanks for doing this. It’s really appreciated :+1:

Thanks, funny to look those through. I remember we had the JVC KD-10 when I was a kid. I guess it was part of the whole JVC system we had, including this tape deck, a turntable, a receiver and a pair of speakers. Maybe that is how I was primed… :thinking: :sweat_smile: And I’m pretty sure my father had the ‘portable’ deck CD-1635, or at least something that looked very similar.

Thanks for this. I have a special appreciation for Sony products of this era. Love the industrial design.

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I had a JVC KD 10 cassette deck back in the day along with a JVC S 11 G amp and matching tuner, loads of brushed aluminium on show but it was my first HiFi and I thought it all sounded wonderful.

I had a JVC KD-720 as well. A classic. Really good quality for a budget price. And it looked nice and was an ergonomic dream.

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