1H2022 US Music Sales

About 42% of people ages 15-65 has a paid subscription to a streaming service (here in sweden it is 59%, 12-65). But the rate of change in new subscriptions continues to slack off, it was +9%.

Comparison is to 1H2021l. Total physical sales, no change (10% of market). One should also note the RIAA does not cover all sales (if I remember physical media sold at concerts or Bandcamp is not included).

Streaming, paid subs +9.8% (9.4% in dollars)
Streaming, limited tier subs in dollars +16.6%
Streaming, ad-supported in dollars +16.4%
Streaming, SoundExchange (radio) in dollars -4.5%
Downloads albums -21.1% (-19.5% in dollars)
CD -3.7% (-2.2% in dollars)
LP/EP +15.7% (+22.2 in dollars)

Interesting. I reckon the % here in the Netherlands is about equal to the 59% in Sweden. The trend is pretty clear. As it has been for quite some time. I wonder if ‘Downloads’ also includes local/off line storage from the streaming platforms. Guess not.

No, you are probably right in your guess, I dont think that particular function earn the RIAA members any money so they dont care.

Distribution of music is now in the hands of a few tech companies.

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