1st gen mu-so goes flashing orange

Since yesterday my 1st gen mu-so has occasionally gone into flashing orange state. I hadn’t noticed but the other half told me about it and it happened again this evening. One minute, all well playing internet radio. The next, flashing orange.

Firmware says it’s up-to-date (2.0.0). The app allowed me to put it into standby and then back on again, at which point steaming radio comes back online.

Apparently this has happened at least three times in the past 24 hours.

I have a feeling something similar happened to my Qb this afternoon, although I didn’t get around to seeing if it was also flashing orange before the radio came back 30 minutes or so later.

Any ideas?

Have you checked your router/WiFi access point/switch? Does your router indicate any internet outages?

Yep. All good on that front. Plenty of other wi-fi connected devices in the house (including steaming) that haven’t suffered any issues.

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