1st Gen Muso will not stream

I have a 1st gen Muso in a holiday home. Last time I was here tidal and internet radio would not stream, I can access tidal via the app and select songs and playlist but nothing happens when I press play. Bluetooth worked fine.
Back for Easter and on day 1 everything worked fine and then day 2 the same problem reoccurred. This was weird as no changes were made between day 1&2.
I know it is likely to be network related but I’m struggling to establish what exactly.
Everything is up to date. I have logged out of tidal and back in again numerous times from within the Naim app… I have rebooted the google mesh and the router numerous times.
Anyone got any ideas?

Are you using a wifi connection or are you directly cabled on to your router?
The 1st Gens had a very poor WiFi capability.

WiFi. But it has worked ok for the last 5 years.

I had this problem occasionally on my first-gen Muso and cured it by unplugging it from the mains and reconnecting.

Just to close this off I eventually resolves this by rebooting all my google mesh wifi points in addition to the router and now everything works OK.