1st World Problems

Within the last hour from nearest-n-dearest:

‘There are too many albums for me to choose from’

‘You’ve purchased the wrong flavour Magnums’

and so poignant…

‘There’s too much food to fit in the fridge’


Well if you hadn’t picked the Almond Magnums, then not surprised nearest-n-dearest is cross.


An observation on the thread title, not the content: I never understand the insensitivity shown by some people in responding to another’s problem with that term - the very existence of hifi is a first world luxury, and we all (I guess) live in the first world, removed from and possibly not even fully comprehending third world problems - but it doesn’t stop problem with hifi causing frustration, stress or unhappiness.

It is probably good sometimes to recognise that in the vast majority of cases the problems we experience and discuss in this forum, and certainly those relating to hifi systems, are luxury problems and not serious in terms of life. Giving the benefit of the doubt I guess that’s what people intend to convey when they respond with that term, but such a retorting in many cases is only likely to exacerbate someone’s negative feelings, rather than helping in any way.

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