2/3 way plug

Hi Guys, hoping you can help.
I am presented with the challenge of unplugging the DACv1 from the wall and having to plug in a 2 or 3 way cube plug to the wall then dac back into that. Not an extension lead, just the plug into the wall and on the cube is 2/3 more socket locations.

Won’t bore you all with the reason for this, just wondering if this is going to take its toll on SQ as currently the power line for the dacv1 goes straight into the wall along with the 250 next to it. I also assume the NAP250DR is best plugged into the wall out of it and the V1.

My other option is simply unplugging and plugging as I need to use each piece of equipment but is a bit of a faff.

All advice and opinions welcome and thanks

Do you have a specific reason for not using an extension block of some description ??

The reason for that is just because I thought it was best to plug naim kit directly/as close as possible to the wall, also because I like to restrict wires to a minimum behind the cabinet.

Are you able to recommend something I could use?

Dan - Are you in the UK ?. If so and it looks like you just have the V1 and the 250, wire both into one mains plug. Plenty of room to do this and saves buggering around with 2/3 way plugs.

Hi James,

Yeh I am in the UK. When you say wire them both into one mains plug, do you mean get say a hydra lead that plugs into the mains once but provides 2 power leads, 1 for each box?

A Hydra could be a good option here, although not exactly what James was referring to.

Well you could do it like that with a Hydra or alternatively just wire two mains cables into one mains plug. At present you have two power cables - each have one mains plug and a cable with a moulded IEC plug at the other end. Take one cable and disconnect the cable from the mains plug and connect the cable into the mains plug of the other cable. You’ll end up with one mains plug with two cables coming from it.

I see what your saying now sorry. My concern is at the moment I have 2 naim power lines. Not sure I want to mess about with them if that makes sense.

The hydra I know is designed for naim kit so it says.

I may have to just try the adapter and see how I get on, seems a shame to have a potential woolly bit of kit between the wall and a power line that’s my thinking.

I’m confused. What do you have that you are you trying to plug in?

Ah got you - thought you had standard naim mains cables. Can you just plug both items into a double socket behind your rack and plug anything else that’s using that socket into a mains extension lead plugged in somewhere else ?

Currently they are both plugged into the double socket behind the rack that’s right. The issue is the surround sound for films I’m installing will need power in that corner for one of the speakers. I have wooden flooring not carpet so struggle to hide wires…Hence the requirement for another socket, hence the adapter cube I was talking about. To keep the extra wire powered and out of site.

Whatever happens the 250dr will stay in the wall. I just don’t know if the V1 being plugged into a 3 way cube will cause any suffering for it really. I guess I can just try they’re not expensive.

Plugging a £600 PowerLine into a £3 adaptor doesn’t sound very sensible. The best thing to do - if connecting the other item to another socket is impractical - is to get an electrician to install another socket, ideally dedicated mains for the Naim stuff. I suspect two standard leads wired into a single plug would be better than a PowerLine into a multi adaptor.

Understood - i’d get yourself a decent mains extension then - something like the Wireworld Matrix 2 would be a good start - plug the 250 and DAC v1 into that.

I’d suggest getting a dedicated mains radial installed with as many sockets at the lounge end that you need then you won’t need blocks or extension cables. It’ll be a good foundation for many system upgrades.

Hi thanks for the replies.

With regard to the wireworld matrix 2 I have been reading reviews and it seems they are very well received. Just one review concerned me I’ve pasted below, is this correct? And what does that mean, I assumed it would be plug and play as such

“The Matrix unit only works if a separate earth is fitted from underneath a self tapper that also secures the endplate, not even a tag or a terminal or proper instructions just a cryptic sticker on the base. Would have been nice to have it working straight out of the box”

I have a Matrix 2, I plugged the wall lead into it and the devices into the Matrix, it worked with no tweaks. Remember you need a lead to connect the Matrix to the wall.

Thanks for confirming this Eoink, did you notice a level of improvement?

Yes, Powerline Lite to the wall, definitely cleaned up the midrange compared to the ancient cheapo it replaced.

Thanks Eoink, in the end I went with the wireworld cable and block package. Certainly not noticing any detrimental effect to the sound.

I was wondering with yours, which way round do you have your kit plugged into it? Amp first or last in the block for example? I read some advice that tended to suggest amp first but then I have also since read that the other way around works better too!

I had a quick play, but didn’t notice any difference, so I have the Vertere SG1 PS, 135s , then the 555PS, Vertere Phono 1, Supercap, basically where it ended up after I tried a few positions.

Ever thought or used one of these?


I used to many years ago with good results.