2,500 boxes vanished ;)

What happened to SNo. 447608 to 450195?

see https://www.naimaudio.com/serial-numbers

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Hanner, it could just be an error, but thanks for pointing it out - I’ve let Naim know.

Makes the sales look bigger

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It is an error as I have a unit delivered from the factory in Oct 18 which has a serial number within the missing range.

OK, seems to be fixed. Thx, thread can be closed.

blimey some observant Naim fans… blimey again.

That blows my theory they were reserving a portion of the number range for Richard’s Naim collection.


Blimey, sorry I missed out on the last round of the use of the word “Blimey” so I thought I would strike whilst the iron is hot.

A company I once worked for used to do interesting things to serial numbers, but our production runs were much smaller than Naims and we were keen that clients didn’t think that they might be getting a prototype.

In a previous life I worked for Caterpillar where serial numbers on fork lifts & earth movers always started at what looked like a random point, the idea being not to give the opposition hints about production volumes. This was 30+ years ago mind.

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