2 555 PS with NDS + nDAC

Hi all again,

I’m considering getting a second 555 PS for my NDS and also an nDAC for the following reasons. In the past when I owned an nDAC, I could just plug my iPhone into it and have my podcasts played at a much higher quality - automatically.

Now, the NDS won’t do this - even though the menu comes up selecting the podcast; says something like unplayable format or something.

So in short I’m also considering a second 555 PS anyway and recall the nDAC improving considerably with that.

Could I use the 2 x 555 PS to power the NDS and by logic, the spare 555 PS powering the nDAC? Any thoughts would be most welcome!


I’ve had ndac/555ps, NDS/555ps and currently NDS with 2 x 555PS so no issue with adding and using the power supplies with Ndac and NDS. It just means unplugging /replugging the Burndies if you only have 2 x 555ps rather than 3. Can’t comment on the iphone issue as this is a strictly Android household!

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I’m not sure I would go through all of the trouble and money of adding an nDac/555PS simply to have easier access to podcasts. Have you thought of adding something like a Wiim Pro to your system? For less than $150 you could just Airplay your podcasts from your phone to that. That would also free up your phone from being tethered to your system.

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The NDS and NDAC have very similar Apple certified ‘Works With iPhone’ USB inputs, so I’m not sure getting an NDAC now would solve your problem.

It’s quite common to find that when playing from apps other than Apple Music, they don’t initially work via USB. A solution that usually works here is to switch to Apple Music, play something, then return to your chosen app and hit the play button again. Maybe you could try this before giving up on the NDS.

If you do decide on an NDAC, you could consider trading the NDS for an ND5XS2 and running that into the NDAC SPDIF input. That gives you Airplay for iOS devices, along with a bunch if other added features you don’t get with the 1st gen. streamers.


I have Apple Music subscription and a few years ago added an Apple TV (pre hdmi) with a high quality optical cable connection to the NDS. This has worked really well and has stopped the itch to upgrade to ND555. I will check and see if podcasts work but can’t see any reason why not.

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Any app that uses Airplay should work like that. I used to use an AirPort Express in the same way when I had a 1st gen. streamer. It’s a great convenience feature, but not the best for sound quality.

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