2 hicaps, one DR?

@james_n As I understand it, on an 82 in single Hicap mode, one rail powers the gain stage, and one powers everything else. When you add a second Hicap, this is done on a left and right basis, which is why the two hicaps need to be the same. I bet that’s what the technical people at Naim will say too.

I suspect you are right - that’s what I found with my 282 but I’ve seen a few different views on the 82. It’ll be good to get a definitive answer from Naim.

Yes, this is what I understood, as per my post further up. But I think as there seems to be a number of differing “authoritative” posts on this made on various forums, a definitive answer straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, would be a good idea here.

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If it’s like that, divided between left and right I am very curious of which is which.

Also I have to ad. I’m now in the camp that think an extra Hicap makes a big difference. Tried to take one out. Didn’t last long.

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Wait until you try a supercap. :rofl:


Out of interest have you tried a single Hicap on the 82 comparing the Olive and DR version you have there ?

I have tried it with both but haven’t really done a comparison. Will do though. The Olive Hicap is also unfairly unserviced while the DR is bought new 2019.

Right now the Hicaps have changed places, so DR is in 1 and Olive in 2. Cleaner more order in the sound.

Trade in both HC for a Supercap - problem solved.

Has the added bonus of “reducing the total number of boxes” in the system… :laughing:


Thanks Richard for finally putting this one to bed.


Thank you for the explanation Richard. I moved to a two HICAP DR configuration as I’m more than happy with 282/250DR combo, and not really in the market to move to 252 so did not lean toward SC. For me, the fact that there was an additional upgrade provision for two PSU’s logically meant that the would or should be an overall improvement, which I am pleased to say there was. This fully justified the additional cost IMO. Whatever the technical explanation for the split, it really gave a nice uplift.

Power Supply is obviously very important to get the most out of our systems, but we should not forget the source of the power at the mains socket. One of the best upgrades I have made more recently has been a dedicated power distribution block. This for me again gave a huge uplift overall.


2 HCDRs here on my 282. Great combination too.

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Did you try the single Hicap ?

With Richard’s definitive 2 Hicap usage confirmation, the importance of having two ‘matched’ Hicaps is clear and your DR / non DR setup may not be giving you the best result.

I agree. I just sent the nds away to get a new screen so no source right now

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