2 massive surprises & 1 question 😊

Hi all.
Apart from ‘adding’ to a topic (1st track not playing - Naim App) this, I think :crazy_face:, is my 1st post on the new ‘community’ - be gentle.
Recently added a ND5 xs to my system, was using MM into Dac V1; massive jump in SQ (surprisingly) & will, when one comes along on S/H market, add a power supply to it. These are/were used with 202, Flatcap xs, 200 & ATC SCM 11. I used a reasonable quality 6 gang extension lead for my kit; read the ‘no led’s/anti surge’ conversations, but wondered: ‘snake oil’?i - got a friend (qualified electrician) to remove them from the block - what a massive improvement in sound - can finally hear what I’ve heard other Naim systems produce, can’t emphasise enough the ‘jump’ in sound quality!!
So I’d like to thank all those that contributed to the led/anti surge discussions & to say ‘it ain’t all snake oil’!
Now to my question: if I use the ND5xs through the Dac V1 will it be beneficial; got to make space by temporarily removing the turntable to do this - so I thought I’d ask on here 1st as I value your opinions.

All the best

Welcome John. I’m not clear if you just demo’d the ND5XS or you have one. If the former then I’d look at stretching a bit further for a ND5XS2 which has the up to date streaming board and will work nicely with the rest of your kit. No need for the DAC V1.

I ‘home demo’d’ the ND5xs’ & purchased it, I was using MM/Audirvana via a decent usb cable to the Dac V1 prior to the xs, and to coin a phrase - difference was ‘night & day’

Good - I’d not bother with DAC-V1 as the DAC for the ND5XS you’ve bought - Duplication of functionality. You could try it to see what you think but it’s probably needless complication for very little, if any gain.

I’d sell the V1 and the Flatcap and get a Hicap DR and a napsc.

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Sorry, forgot to say; also got a napsc on the 202, Flatcap xs is also powering a Stageline - hence wanting a ‘supply’ for the ND5xs, the V1 will be px’d when my local (Leicestershire) dealer has a ‘preloved’ XP5 :blush::crossed_fingers:t2:

There are plenty of people using a separate DAC with a Naim streamer, although mostly NDAC or Chord, and it’s a popular upgrade as an alternative to a PSU. So as you already have the V1, I would give it a try before you part with it.
A Hicap for your 202 would also be a nice upgrade, though.

Thank you for your answer. I do ‘quandary’ though re connection: two bnc ‘adapters’ on the end of a digital cable (as I don’t have, & not likely to purchase, a bnc terminated lead - as the V1 may well be p/x’d) - isn’t that ‘too many connections’; so just use the phono digital out, with ‘reasonable quality’ digital lead (that I do have) for my ‘test’?

Using an RCA SPDIF cable with a BNC adapter may not be optimal, but it will still give you some idea of what you’re going to get. You can get a decent coax cable for about £20, or a friendly dealer might lend you one, if you want to try it.

Ok, & thanks again.
I’ll give it a try over the weekend, using the adapters & then just the rca digital out & report my findings :slight_smile:

I was you I’d ditch that redundant flatcap and dac the sooner
That would get you an hicap DR now.
Just power stageline off the preamp.
You ll notice a massive improvement
You’ll regret you didn t think of it in the first hour

Tried it; no better/worse (maybe slightly worse). Ended up doing a wonderful deal by p/xing ND5 & Dac V1 for a NDXbt.
I’m ‘over the moon’ :blush::partying_face:

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