2 off 250s or a pair of 135s

Good answer i think. The grounding is intresting as i did see sonewhere else others taking about that exact difference, with one being considered better than the other. Wonder why naim did not change to the " better" grounding arrangement ?

Anyway, i need to get off my ar$e and get the 250 into my main system and try that. And a better topic of discussion than " my naim internet is not working/is working/ is not working" !

The main reason for the difference was likely due to things being so crammed in the 250 that something had to be a bit compromised, and that ended up resulting in less optimal ground wiring layout. In the context of your original question, running 2x 250s in mono actually partially* reduces the grounding compromise so may actually work very nicely.

*Further discussion probably best left for elsewhere due to forum rules.


The 250 and 135 power supplies are the same except that 135 uses a single channel. Earthing a single channel is simpler on 135 and is done directly on the 0V ground reference.
On 250, the location of the grounds is more suitable between the negative HP terminals, in the immediate vicinity of the 0V ground reference of the capacitors. No real impact.
With the nap 300 and 500, there is no loss of energy despite the length of the cable linking the 0V reference capacitors on the 300 PS and 500 PS with the supply distances of the nap 300 and 500 circuits.

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