2 pieces of Naim Unitiserve in one system? Does it work?

2 pieces of Naim Unitiserve in one system (in the same network)? Does it work? Does the streamer see that they are two (unitiserve) devices? Is it possible for the App to see and separate and control both devices?!?
Andres Toom

I’ve never tried it, but Naim streamers can see multiple severs so it should be able to see two Unitiserves. What they won’t do is combine them both into a single library. To do that you would need to grant one of the Unitiserves access to the storage on the other one as a ‘network share’.

They will show up as distinct devices in the Naim N-serve app and all music will be available. When using nPNP on the Naim app from another device, just select which Unitiserve you want to use.

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