2 Powerlines for 3 devices, which 2 devices?

Hi everyone,

May I seek your advises, I have 2 powelines and 1 powerline lite, which devices should I use the PL?

SN2, Hicap Dr and ND5XS

I did a A/B test of PL goes into Hicap or ND5XS with PL on SN2, seems putting the PL into ND5XS gives a more details of the music where when the PL is plugged into Hicap, it gives more energy. Will do further testing to use the 2 PL into Hicap and ND5XS and lite on SN2 , what are your advises?

I have anything plugged into Isotek Sigmas, thank you everyone.

I’d say Hicap and ND5XS. Presumably the hicap is providing all the key power to the SN.

Your SN2 doesn’t need a power cable, because it’s powered by the hicap.
So you need only 2 PL.

The SN still requires a power lead when used with HiCap


Hi cap only powers the pre amp so the power amp still needs power…try both Power-Line on the sn2 and hicap…

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Nd and hicap is my guess but try without the isoteck to check if it’s losing you dynamics and if it’s actually worth using.

Thanks, I didn’t know that.

I would put the lite on the hicap and the two powerlines on the source and amp.
Why ?
The source and amp will make use of the juice boost, while the pre stage already has the juice boost from the hicap.

The SN power amp section takes a lot more current than the other two items, plus it’s constantly variable with music & volume, therefore the SN must have one of the Powerlines.
The ND5 load is very light & hardly varies, & the same for the HiCap, it’s only powering the SN preamp section.
That means which one has the other Powerline, I would let your ears decide. Then please post what you find.

Get one more, that’s my advise. :expressionless:


Thank you all for your advises, and again the PL does make a lot of differences, just love the PL

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