2 Radio Paradise? Tonight 30 /05/19

Tonight on Naim Choise I find two channels of Paradise radio and broadcast different things … What do you mean? Are there two now?

Your local server is carrying something different to the UK server I am on.
I only see the new Naim’s Choice stations that Stevesky posted on yesterday, the normal RP 320k the new RP Mellow Mix.320k

I also have the RP mellow mix … But what would it be? I have the same ones as your server anyway …

Jeez Andrea, don’t you read the new posts !! Stevesky the Software Director posted on this yesterday.
Its a new R.Paradise service that Naim have added to Naim’s Choice list.
Its like it says on the screen, Mellow, that means easy listening & relaxing.
Listen & hear for yourself.

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Yes, I had read, but I didn’t think it transmitted another kind of rock / pop music … :+1::grin::grin::+1:

If you use the RP app, they offer different channels. Currently ‘RP Main Mix’ and ‘RP Mellow Mix’. They used to offer a 3rd channel, ‘RP Groovy Mix’ (I think that was the name), but I have not seen it in a while.

Great to see Naim adding the 2nd stream as well.

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