2 rca to 5 pin din cable

Been swithering about changing my interconnect cable, people talking about better sound from din socket v rca, from DAC to Nait 5i . Jumped in and tried a cheap £20 2 RCA to 5 pin din from Amazon to replace a £120 QED 2 RCA to 2 RCA interconnect.
Yes go change your RCAs to Din, much better sound, base more texture, mid range clearer. Can hear more words on London Grammar, and Martha Tilston,s voices etc. Background vocals much clearer.
Still burning the cable in so expect more slight improvements.
Next question? Will a better quality cable sound even better?
Cheers happy listening.

Try the Naim DIN interconnects

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Other cables are also available… And may be a valid, more cost effective alternative.

Chord spring to mind, who I recall make a good range of DIN/Naim cables.

Just recently I swapped out a pair of TQ Black Diamond RCA->RCA interconnects between my DAC and my 252 … nothing wrong with the cables but I got a teaser email from Witch Hat about a sale (I have their DIN->XLR’s to my 300DR) and lockdown retail therapy kicked in …

I put in a Witch Hat Morgana RCA->DIN … and was quite startled by the result. Straight out of the box the music sounded crisper and clearer. I’m not sure whether it’s the cable type or the fact I’m connected to the 252 via the DIN that effected the change … I must admit to not caring which it is either … definite improvement.


This is one of my favourite RAC-DIN or DIN-RCA interconnects for use with Naim. Funnily enough, it’s Naim’s own, and not expensive either, especially if you can find secondhand.


There’s Flashback Sales, they make a good cable. But personally I’d go with what Richard just suggested.

Blue Jeans will make you one as well if you ask.

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