2 systems, 1 source

Good morning, I would appreciate some advice and a quick sanity check on my set-up just in case I am about to blow up something!

My main system is an analogue only set up with two separate systems on one rack. System 1 - nait 2/ kan
System 2 - 32.5/250/hicap/ iota alpha
The source is an RP8.

To stop having to power down a system and then change over the source between to the two set-ups, I have added an RCA splitter so I can do this with a touch of a button

Can you see any potential issues with this? I am racking my (limited!) brains and cannot see an issue? Thanks in advance

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If that is a passive box with a level potentiometer, it could mess with the electrical loading of the cartridge, which would alter the sound.

I think that switching at such low signal levels is probably not a good idea, so - ideally - you should be looking for a solution at line level.

Is there a possibility of using a tape out signal from one amp into the other?

Which has the better phono stage?

The other sanity check question is why you’d possibly want two systems in one room. The Kabs would be so much better on the end of the 32/250. Why not put the Nait in another room?


Two systems are better than one! In all seriousness, they sound very different and serve different purposes, the 250 plays loud, the Nait is for Low level listening


Thanks for the reply. To be honest I’m not really sure which has the best phono stage.

I would be good to work out a solution, if using the TT could be an issue I could swap this out for a CD player when I want to switch between the two systems. Would be nice to get the TT in a working solution though…it’s really interesting to switch between the 2 systems mid song and hear the differences between amps…

I think I’d try connecting the Rega to the NAC32, and run a din-din from tape out on the ‘32 to tape in on the NAIT.

Make sure you get the pin out correct!

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Momentarily, I thought this thread was about the governance of Hong Kong.


This from AndyR is the best way to do what you want here. I would not want that splitter between the turntable and the phono stage as it must only cause performance loss.

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Chaps, thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. So a 5 pin din to 5 pin din lead between the nait and the 32 would be the correct lead?

Yes, but it will have to be a “reverse” lead - to take REC out signal to regular PLAY in. A standard DIN interconnect won’t work.

Thanks Richard. luckily I live within walking distance of TomTom audio so this gives me the perfect excuse for paying them a vist, cheers!

What a great looking CB system

Brilliant. Give James my regards.

Certainly will, he is a nice chap, I get the feeling when he is tired of selling stuff he will convert the place into a museum, he has a great collection of vintage gear…

Great blokes, James and Henry. Probably the best selection of pre-loved Naim gear in the country (world?).

Hope I haven’t broken any rules.


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