200 / 202 which streamer would you suggest?

Hi everyone,

Assumption: I only stream music (UPnP, Tidal, iRadio).

At the moment I have the following hifi chain: 200 / 202 / napsc / nd5xs / xp5xs / ProAC Response D2 / Nordost BlueHeaven speakers and RCA.

I have the opportunity to buy an NDS at a great price by selling my ND5XS. From here I started looking for information to understand if the NDS could be correctly managed from 200/202.

However, I am strongly convinced that I need to change the streamer cause I do not find it well balanced with the amplification, this especially since I amplified it with the XP5XS.

That said, someone suggests NDX, but I am a bit puzzled as the streaming platform is not recent…

(I’m also thoughtful about the NDS but we all know what a monster of a reader he is! :slight_smile: )

others recommend NDX2, still others ND5XS2 (unfortunately not powered, could it be a disadvantage?).

The latter would give me the opportunity to sell power supply and ND5XS to also buy a HiCap maybe DR, since I don’t have any components in DR configuration.

So guru friends go wild and suggest me and write your opinions if you were in my situation.

Thanks in advance to all who will contribute. :wave:

Greetings from Italy

Hi, & welcome to the forum.
I would say NDX as a minimum, it’ll be the same streaming platform as the NDS, but the NDS will be far better. Your power supply will run it, but you won’t be getting the best from it. So factor in that you’ll be wanting a better power supply soon, with the associated cost.
Stay safe

Hi, First, I think your idea to buy a HicapDR is very worthwhile. It will do a better job of powering your 202 compared to using the 200 supply.
Either an NDX or NDS would be a good source upgrade, and simple to swap for the ND5XS. First you should consider what you want from your streamer in future, as these models all have the same streaming options, and they are quite old now. Move to a newer ND5XS2 or NDX2 and you will get access to HiRes Qobuz, which offers better sound quality than Tidal (and in the UK it is cheaper) and some lossless FLAC radio streams which sound so much better than the compressed MP3 and AAC streams that most stations use. Also there are convenience features such as AirPlay and Chromecast to give you easy access to any music or radio apps you have on a phone.


hi guys,
thanks for the replies.
In terms of sound, how is the new NDX2? did any of you hear it in my setup (202/200)?

The NDX2 is excellent and would work perfectly with your 202/200. Do get a Hicap DR for the 202. It makes a huge difference. I’d sell the XP5XS with the ND5XS. You could get a new power supply for the NDX2 at a later date if you feel the wish to do so.

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