200 & 250 front panel

Hi there,

Strange question perhaps, however I would like to know if the NAP 200 & NAP 250.2 have identical/interchangeable front panels.

I have both amplifiers. One is kept in a sideboard and the other is on show. I would like to swap the front panels as one has some marks on it that I would like to hide.

Are they the same? If so are they simple to swap over? The look identical externally but I’m not sure about inside.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! James

I can’t answer your question but one thing to consider is that labour costs being what they are it may actually be cheaper just to replace the damaged panel with a new one as this will be half the work involved in swapping them over. Check out the costs with Naim if I were you.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes in an ideal world I’d have the marked panel replaced, but I thought as the NAP 200 will be out of sight anyway I could just swap the panels over, which would cost nothing apart from half an hour of my time.

I have the tools and am pretty handy with this sort of thing, but obviously only possible if the panels are identical.



If you’re confident doing the work yourself then obviously it’s a different matter. I would imagine though that even if the panels are identical it will perhaps not be as straightforward as it may initially appear. These things rarerly are. If I were you I would email Naim and run it by them and ask if there are any specific issues that need to be looked out for. Best of luck.

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