200 or 250 for Uniti Star?

Naim Australia is doing a 15% off if old HiFi gear used as trade in. As the only upgrade for the Uniti Star is a power amp what would be the best option? I can demo the 250 locally but nobody seems to have a 200 in stock.
The room is 4.5 metres x 4.8 metres and am currently using Focal Chora 806 standmount speakers. Will probably get B & W 705 S2 standmount speakers later in the year.

I wouldn’t bother Toad , just because there’s a so called deal going on probably not of real benefit to spend

Save your penny’s for a real upgrade down the track, the star is fine by itself



My feeling is that the 200 doesn’t really add that much unless you put it in a full separates system with a dedicated preamp, and if you really want a better power amp you should aim for a 250. However, improving the front end will make big improvements too, and for the price of a 250 I would consider trading the Star for something like ND2XS2/NaitXS3 or maybe a Supernait.

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Agree ChrisSU - sometimes need to be very careful - just because Naim on website say that’s an upgrade it really depends on how much of an upgrade you are looking for . Personally I wouldn’t be adding a 200 or even a 250

If spending that sort of dosh time to think about separates etc

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I did add an NAP200 to my Atom few years back, it sounded differently, bit more controlled, but not necessarily much better. So I would not consider the NAP200 in your case and would look at the 250 or even a 300.

250…nice upgrade…

Happy to have 2 boxes (Star & power amp) but not any more as have space constraints. At the moment it seems to be 1. do nothing or 2. go for minimum NAP 250.

A Star is a good combination unit but adding a 250 DR would result in a mullet.
If you are tempted by the deal I’d agree that a source/integrated amp 2 box solution would be a better move.
Or just get a Nova?

A NDX2 and SN3 would also be worth considering. I moved from a Nova to a NDX2 and SN2, and the lift in sound quality with an improved source and pre-amp stage was significant. The NDX2 will also be a solid source for future upgrades right through the classic range of separates.

I currently have a Star with a 250DR as part of an upgrade path back towards a separates system. The Star as a pre-amp streamer works surprisingly well and with a 250 to my ears is significantly better than without. The front end first rule is a useful guide and usually right but doesn’t always have to be followed slavishly to get a great sounding system. My advice would be to go listen to it, then decide if it is for you.


If you add a 250 and limit yourself to two boxes you are then stuck if you want to upgrade further - unless a new version of the 272 appears. If it does it would make a great two box setup with a 250. But as a long term two box setup, a Star and 250 makes no sense. The streamer and preamp in the Star are not up to the standard of the 250 and you won’t get much SQ improvement, if any. As some others have suggested, the NDX2/SN3 is the logical place to go. If that’s too pricey, the ND5XS2/NaitXS3 would still be a significant upgrade on the Star.


I added nap 250 (not dr) to Nova and the results are very good. But before that, you should think about better speakers.

I have to agree Chris, I tried my friends nap 200 on my old nova and we both actually preferred nova by itself. But 202/200 was a marked improvement. Wider sound stage more punch better depth etc.
That’s why I now have a 202/ 200 dr :grin:

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What is the primary reason you want to upgrade?

I had a Star before and as others have said adding a 250DR, you will not get your money’s worth without upgrading the preamp section of your Star.

With no real information on a new preamp streamer you may get stuck with a rather expensive combination which will probably get outperformed by a much cheaper xs3/nd5xs2 combination.

If cd playback is something you don t want to live without i d keep the Star and call it a day. Otherwise a Nova may be the better upgrade if you want to keep it simple.

It undoubtedly will, but the new Atom HE could also be tried in the meantime

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