200 service or hicap

Hi everyone.
System: NDX bt, 202 (napsc/flatcapxs), 200 (all purchased ‘preloved’) & ATC scm11’s (with, occasionally used, CD5i & Goldring GR1/stageline).
I’d like to pose the following question:
Which to do 1st? Upgrade flatcap xs to a preloved Hicap, or get the (2006) Nap 200 serviced?
I don’t wish to upgrade any ‘sources’ or the preamp :blush:

Many thanks for any thoughts on this matter

If were me I would service the 202/200 first, (assuming that both are 2006 vintage).
Given that you have a separate power supply I can’t see the point in DR’ing the 200, (not sure if you can anyway).
It’s probably a toss up as to what you should service first if you can’t get them both done together, so go with your heart. My heart says do the pre first, but there’s nothing wrong with doing the power first. Especially if you have thoughts of a 282/HiCap/200 down the track.
After servicing both I would go hunting for a HiCap.

I’d do the 200 first as it will have degraded the most, the the 202 - worth checking with Darran at Class A if he thinks it’s worth doing the 202 yet.

I would get the 200 serviced. It can’t be DRed. Then swap the Flatcap for a Hicap DR.

Many thanks to you all for your replies, I was inclined to do the 200 first; your replies confirm this :blush:

You’ll be amazed at the difference getting your 200 serviced. Then I’d get a used Hi-Cap DR and the 202 serviced. I used to own all these so I’m talking from experience

If you plan on getting a Hicap within a reasonable time frame I’d question the value in servicing the 200. Get a s/h Hicap DR and then you have the option to trade the 200 for a 250 :grinning:

250 with a 202 ?? :thinking: ??
No, bless ya for saying, but I’d have to gain a lot more income to climb the pre, then power, amp ladder; I’ve a feeling this is the ‘level’ I’ll stay at, as I’ve just 6.5 years left to ‘retirement age’. But I will be going for 200 serviced & then a Hicap DR.
Thanks to y’all for your thoughts :relieved:

Funny thing is I got some 250s serviced and wasn’t bowled over by the difference.

I would remove the FCXS and power the pre from the NAP200.Then I’d get the NAP serviced.

200 service first would be the safe bet, just in case it causes problems. It’s at an age where it will probably benefit, if not now, then certainly at some point in the next few years, but I don’t believe you can accurately predict the rate of degradation, so it’s anyone’s guess what audible improvement it will bring now. Content yourself with the knowledge that you won’t need to worry about it for another decade or so.
Replacing the Flatcap with a Hicap (preferably DR) is definitely worthwhile as a next step.

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