200 vs 250 with an 82

I’m running a classic sc and 250-2 with an 82. I could release some funds by swapping in a hicap and 200. How much would I suffer from a drop in sq?

I don’t know the answer but is a combo of NAC82/ NAP200DR also in the frame?

Not really I have a whole raft of kit under utilised in various rooms. I also have the chance to pick up a non dr 200 at a good price. I am working towards a 500 based system, probably with an ndx2/ps and the nap 500 being the next steps over time. If I release the sc/250-2 alongside the other kit it adds around 2k to the upgrade pot. (Edit: The 250-2/sc/82 is my study system).

As usual there is no single correct answer to this question. The partner in the Naim range would be Hicap/250. There are some who prefer the lighter touch of the 200 to the extra muscle of the 250, and especially the 250.2 version. If you are one of those people you may well like the 82/200. Of course, if your speakers require lots of power, the 250 will drive them better, so this matching might also affect your decision.

Thanks. I may just get the 200 and try it out. I don’t think I will lose anything on it at the price I have been offered.

You can never have too much Naim, right? :slight_smile:


Could you keep the 82 and Supercap while selling the 250-2? I would be inclined to do that

I could but then it starts to become not quiet worth the savings that I’m looking for. I could of course just wait a little longer but I seem to be suffering from a loss of patience. Lol.

I have run my 82-HC with my 140 (instead of my 250) and it was fine…
YMMV, of course… :thinking:

Just playing and I’m running the sc/82 in to a Nap 90 (the only separate I have less than the 250-2) and I can’t live with that. It is fine on mids and highs, but the bass has become boxy on the A5’s. The 90 on the Infinity bookshelf speakers isn’t boxy. The 250-2 on the A5’s isn’t boxy. Synergy is everything it seems.

Yes it is! Thats why I usually go for the natural partners. Sometimes a tasteful mullet exists though :slight_smile:

I had A5’s some years ago and they worked very well with my at the time NDX/282/HiCapDR/200. They also worked well with my 202/200 before upgrading to 282.

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I once tried a pair of A5s with a 92/90 and they sounded truly awful. I then tried a Superuniti to give them more power, and they still sounded awful. In desperation I took them to my dealers and we stuck a 250 up them to try and coax some life out of them. Guess what, they sounded awful there too.

I’ve had mine for years and run them with the lowly Nap150 to good effect with a fc and 112. The 202/200 combo was the worse until today with the 90. The 82/250 though brings them alive in a way they hadn’t been before. I use them in a small room though.

Edit. Looking back at the comments above there does seem to be a narrow set of operating conditions that work. Pre, power and room acoustics. I haven’t decided on the 200 but my curiosity is piqued just to see how the 82/200 handles the A5’s.

I really enjoyed my time with the A5’s although I seem to be in the minority here.

They do seem to be very room dependent and my room seems pretty tolerant fortunately. I even had them close to the back wall and didn’t suffer from overblown uncontrolled bass which seems to be quite typical.

I moved to Kudos C20’s still with the NAP200. They were much better although I did feel I lost some midrange magic which returned when the 250DR was introduced. The 200 is quite lean and suited the A5’s very well.

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Had A5s on the end of a 82,Supercap and 250 all olive sources were LP12 and Naim CDI thoroughly enjoyed them they did need to be out in the room a bit though.

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