200DR Vs 250DR - why such a large price difference?

Owwfff!! Have a care will you, some of us are sensitive. This might come as a surprise but not every Naim owner is fund manager :slight_smile:


Thank you @Richard.Dane. I didn’t know that tbo… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I take it the 200 is not regulated this way despite its current DR moniker?

No, it’s about a design difference between these two models…

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The DR in the 200 only operates on the preamp power supply output, not on the power amplifier itself at all.

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No the NAP200 is not a regulated power amp. And as David explains above the DR in the 200DR here only applies to the onboard pre-amp power supply.

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@leatherneck , which Chord cable are you using between the Atom HE and the NAP250? And is this cinch → XLR or something different?

Many thanks!

Klout, you are Dutch right? The guy on marktplaats made a good mogami based cable for me recently. balanced xlr to din-4.


It’s a special order Chord Signature. I ordered through my Naim/Chord dealer.
It took about a month to get. I’m in the U .S.
It’s RCA to XLR to match the NAP 250 DR input.
I have to manually switch the balanced HP cable output off and on to use headphones. When it’s off, the RCA output is active.


Thank you both!

There’s no such thing. It’s just single ended DIN4 to Single Ended XLR. Nothing balanced. For the HE you would be better off using RCA to XLR. Never mix single ended and balanced. Not all XLR is balanced.

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