202+200+hicap or 252+300+supercap for Harbeth SHL5

I think the 282 HiCap DR with 250DR will give alot more than the 202 HiCap DR 200 combination.

I would start with the 282 HiCapDR and 250DR and see how you get on.

A 555PS will add a big improvement to the NDX2.

See if you can do some demos.

A 252 with 300 will lift things further but it will raise your budget significantly.

Other option is Supernait 3 with HiCap DR, NDX2 with 555PS.

Try before you buy if possible. And buy used or ex demo.

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@Dan_M thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Generally speaking, the further up the Naim range of separates you go, the performance will improve, and I’m sure that will be the case with these speakers. The listening room might impact on the best power selection though.

At the end of the day, it’s basically about your willingness to pay for a level of performance in the Naim range. If starting at a level you plan to improve on then, then I’d recommend changing in as few steps as possible.

Good luck.


@Mike_S Thanks Mike. I prefer used 252+300 now.

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