202/200 to 282/250DR

Installation is Thursday with NEAT Petite 30 terrifying how it’s going to sound (with CD5XS +DAC incl. XPSDR)


I hope you have a Hi-Cap otherwise no sound :grin:


No worries there.

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People need to update their profile but the 282/SCDR/250DR is one hell of an amp :+1:

It will be a great upgrade! :+1:

Are the 280/250DR and speakers all new? Did you hear a demo of the setup?

I can understand the excitement when it arrives at ones home and is fired up first time. I moved from a supernait 2 to a new 282/250DR and it was great, but also with moments of surprise and doubt on some aspects of the new sound. Now all is well , the system and my self burned in over the weeks… :blush:

I ran 202/200 for many years and was very happy with it. Then (perhaps predictably) when funds allowed I wanted to move to the 282/250DR. I remember thinking “can it be better?” Oh It was, and that was all brand new gear, stone cold out of the box. It continued to improve as it settled in. An opportune used SupercapDR followed shortly afterwards and another nice little lift there too. I am fortunate enough to be moving up to 552 shortly but I would have died happily enjoying the 282/SC/250 combination.

I have the Neat Petite 30’s with the Supernait 3/HICAPDR ( should be better with pre/power combo)

I like them a lot but beware they require 300 hours running in time and you need to experiment with positioning with good stands

Nice wide sound stage, bass still a bit weird but coming good as only 30% through running in time so far

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I’m doing the same upgrade as you Calum - 6 weeks into my 16 week order wait,

Look forward to your update…

I moved to this from a Nova. Whilst I had expectations, they have been pleasingly exceeded. Enjoy.


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