202/200 vs Nait xs2/3

Hi. There are lots of threads where people state that the 202/200 don’t sound any good without the napsc + hicap. Is this just that it sounds much better with those or that it needs them to sound good? I have really gone off the idea of building a 200/202 system as I don’t want the power supplies and this sounds like a must. . .

But that leaves the decision of what to get. If the choice was between a bare 202/200, or an xs2/3 which would sound best?

I already have the Nap 200 and I have just put a deposit down on an NDX2.

So the choice Is to sell the Nap 200 and get and xs integrated. Or keep the Nap 200 and get a 202. I can’t afford a supernait.

I will emphasise this… I will not be getting PS’s right away. I don’t really want any more than 3 boxes…

My original plan was to just have a 200/202/NDX2 but you lot have made me think that it’s no good without the power supplies.

If you’ve got a deposit down on an NDX2 then the natural integrated partner would be the SN3. A fine combo.

Edit - just notice the comment on the SN. The 202 / 200 combo is fine (shame the 200 isn’t DR spec to give the 202 a better PSU). Would a preloved SN2 be out of the question… ?



You have a dilemma here because as good as the 202/200 is the 202 is for the moment at least not being produced. They have supply issues, like so many, so have had to curtail their product line.

But the 200 is a really fine power amp which works superbly with the 282 without the HC. Have you considered looking for a 2nd hand 282?



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It is a 200DR. (2018).

Several 282s on a certain auction site at the moment. And a 202.

Ah ok - that’s better then. Lindsay’s 282 idea is certainly worth considering and it’s a worthy step up on the 202. The 282 does come with an NAPSC but that’s small enough to be tucked away, so 3.25 boxes in all :grinning:

Ah as it’s a DR200 would be even better powering a 282.

Hi Mark

Best value - 3 boxes or even 2 to start

NDX2 and SN 3 - simple and sounds great

Then in time add HICAP DR

Down the track no hurry, XPS DR

All done and dusted


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A good shout Lindsay. I wish on reflection I had skipped the 202 and gone for the 282. The 282 is in a completely different league.

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Ok, I think I’ll sell the Nap 200 and go the integrated route. This means I have to pick up a cheap xs 2 for the time being but I’m sure I can live with that while I save for a SN 2 or 3.

2 boxes is enough separates for me.


I have a 282 and 200 DR. While I have subsequently added a HiCap DR, the 2 box combo of the 282 powered by 200 DR is absolutely wonderful. I own a XS2 as well and have heard the SN 2 and 3 on multiple occasions, and while all are highly enjoyable, the 282/200 (even without the HiCap) surpasses the Integrated amps.


Thanks for all the reply’s. I finalised the sale of the Nap 200 this morning and it is now boxed up and ready to go, Along with my Atom. The NDX2 is mostly paid off. I found an offer on an ex demo unit that I just couldn’t refuse so it just meant selling everything and starting from scratch. Well it feels good. I now have my Awesome speakers fronted by a great source. Which I haven’t even heard yet (there are no dealers anywhere near me). Now i just need an integrated amp. I really think this is where I’ll feel most comfortable. I really don’t want all the boxes and as much as I tell myself I’ll just keep it at the source/pre/power we all know that won’t happen and then I’ll be on that upgrade path to the sky’s the limit.

So it looks like I’ll be without music for a little while. Unless I hook up the NDX2 via the variable volume into an old hypex power amp I have.

I think the best thing is to save for a used xs2 for the interim. Then save slowly for the dealers demo SN3 which they said they will replace in around 6 months or so.


I think that’s a great outcome. I had the NDX2/SN2 system and it’s a fabulous and simple two box set up.

I don’t know what the used market is like where you live but I was really impressed when using my old Creek CAS4040 into my Kudos S20’s fronted by an NDS/555DR. This was a temporary move while I waited for delivery of a new Supercap.

In the UK they can be sourced for well under £100 and would tide you over until the Supernait comes available.

Blimey that was quick. I was gong to suggest a used NAC152XS to go with your NAP200DR as a better than interim measure.

Hope it works out for you.

Hi Mark. I think you have chosen a good course of action.

I guess many of the folk who have replied have based their comments on experience running their amps into fully passive speakers, but IIRC yours are semi-active with a powerful amp for the bass. That changes things and you might well find that an XS2 or 3 is all you need in your system. When I moved from original XS to original SN the change is SQ was most prominent in fullness of the sound driven by the extra authority in the bass.

I hope your period without music is not too long and you really enjoy your new amp. Of course, it’ll then be time to start saving for that 555PS. :smiley:


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The point is that also XS3 would be better with HC DR. I can’t speak for Napsc. In the past i had 282/HC DR + Napsc but never tried with/without the latter.
Please Richard can you clarify the situation about 202/200 availability ? My medium term project is changing the XS in the S400 system with these. Then moving the XS in a new system downstairs with CD5XS + a cheap streamer into Guru Q10

Thanks I appreciate that you remember my speaker setup. You are right, my speakers have the bass covered. As long as there is good quality signal there. What is really interesting though is that the bass does improve with better amps as it uses a high level feed from the speaker cables.

Is the Nait xs3 completely out classed by the NDX2 or is it a viable option?

[quote=“rsch, post:17, topic:20011”]
The point is that also XS3 would be better with HC DR. I can’t speak for Napsc. In the past i had 282/HC DR + Napsc but never tried with/without the latter.

In my experience adding the HC to the XS was not an improvement. I recall one dealer-poster describing the effect as “manic” and that was a pretty good description of what I heard. May be different on more recent XSs, perhaps.

BTW you can’t run the 282 without the NAPSC.


Most, but not all, posters seem to find the SN2/3 a significant improvement on the XS2/3. (My experience was with the original XS and SN.) Whether that is worth extra money, is an individual question and your speakers make it moot. At least NDX2 with an XS amp should be a significant improvement on the Atom. Do keep us informed how you get on.


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