202/200DR to SN3?

Hi Everyone, currently on 202/200DR/HCDR/NAPSC and was wondering if any owners with this combination auditioned or did an AB comparison with a SN3/HCDR ?

I am trying to reduce box count and was wondering what this change may bring. Appreciate any inputs you may have. Thanks!

Don’t do it, this ridiculous reducing box count fad is the scourge of the forum. And anyway, you have a superb amplifier.


I have a SN3 it’s my first taste of Naim. I have no desire to go down the multi-box rabbit hole everyone suggests.

I haven’t done any comparisons with other Naim gear. But I am coming off a very expensive valve pre and power combo and find that I am enjoying music more than ever.


What’s your source set up and cabling?

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It would be more interesting to know what, if anything, is gained (bar reduced buses, shelving and cables) and what, precisely, is lost. Bass, soundstage, what?

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My source is the NDX2 with standard factory supplied cables. The speaker that I am using currently is the Proac D20.

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hmm… Would that really be a noticeable downgrade ?

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Gosh you have a kick-ass system as-is. I wouldn’t change it. I guess you could sell the HiCapDR to reduce 1 box since the 200DR could power the 202. You’d still have a nice 4 box combo.


I wouldn’t plan to downgrade your system. If you want to reduce your box count you could look at alternative integrated amps to Naim. The Supernait 3 will be below what you have.

Is there any reason why you fancy a change other than reducing box count?


There was a 202/200 owner who attempted to upgrade to the SN3 but failed in the process. He found the sound quality to be worse. In the end he got the Rega Aethos. You may do a search here.


I have an SN2 amplifying an NDS, and even tho I think it sounds superb, I would never even consider getting rid of a 202/200dr for the SN2. Even if I had an SN3.
Any research, and reading on this forum that I’ve done, tells me that sticking with what you have is a no-brainer.
If the box count is a must, then there may be an integrated from another manufacturer that would equal the 202/200dr. I don’t know.

I do know what you mean tho, I am also trying to minimize the amount of gear I have.
It made a substantial difference, btw, when I replaced the standard Naim cable between my NDS and SN2 with a Hi-line 5 to 5 pin Din. God knows why … but it did.
Best of luck with your decision.


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If you have the shelves for what you currently have then regardless of whether the SN3 is a bitter better, a bit worse, or about the same, is largely a sideways move and therefore, a waste of time. You’d be playing a game of 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

A real bang upgrade from where you are now would be a 282. You can even order them without the supplied NAPSC (which you already have).


I think the 202/200 versus SN3 would be a bit of a sideways move sound quality wise, so fine if reducing box count. Adding an XPS DR to the NDX2 would be a big lift, and if run with the SN3 would be neutral for box numbers. Swapping the 202 for a 282 is a good option, but adding the XPS is better for source first improvements. Otherwise the NDX2 and SN2 is a perfect 2 box system. You can always fine tune with power lines cables later on, with little fuss.

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Ehgjoo, even I curious myself how 202/200DR/HCDR/NAPSC sound will be against SN3, do not think it is makes sense to move, unless space is extremely limited. Good hi-fi rack brings a lot to QS and it you have it already it takes same floor space and should not be too tall based on number of items.

Agree that 202/200 and 282/250 in full potential configuration brings us to 4 and 5 boxed respectively and I see is too much for just amplifier.

The naps doesn’t really count, it’s easy to hide. You will loose only one box, but probably the sound quality too.
I would not do that personally. With a 112/150, things would be different.
Or eventually go to a better integrated, like Musical Fidelity, or Jeff Rowland Continuum.

Are you able to borrow a Supernait 3 to try at home? It’s the only way to find out. The simple NDX2/SN3 setup is hugely appealing.


dont do it

you will regret.

it should be the other way around (SN3 to 202/200)


the 202/HCDR/NAPSC/200DR is quite a fine amplifier - and to my ears can be paired with top sources

Haven’t heard SN3 - as fine as it might be. But usually separation of preamp from the power amp always gives a better sound with Naim

You might sell the 202/HCDR and get a 282 with 200DR, this will be better.


Hi, Only you can answer that with a suitable dem.

I could give you my experience (like so many here do) of going the other way from an integrated to a pre-power but it’s largely irrelevant. The only opinion that matters is yours.


As @hungryhalibut says there’s only one way to find out and that’s to try it.

I haven’t heard the SN3 but several times heard the NDX2/SN2 and it was a superb match but my money would still be on the 202/200 providing a greater musical insight and enjoyment.



PS: Putting to one side the NAPSC which hardly takes up space you’ll only save one shelf by doing this. I rather favour the recommendation for swapping the 202 for a 282, then you’d hear a difference.

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