202 and 150x not working

Hi all,
last year I upgraded to Nac 282 and my 202 has been “sleeping” for all this time now because I didn’t want to sell it.I’m now preparing a new 2nd system and give it to my partner for her birthday as a present.I just purchased an used 150x which arrived today and connected it to the 202.I also connected my old cd5i.When I turned the 150x on I heard the “bump” coming from the speakers.I thought the new 150x was working but sadly the 202 is off.The connection cable is plugged to standard on the nac,it is old and I remember that I opened it many years ago but I checked it and connections to every pins are ok.Maybe I need a plug for some place on the rear panel.Hope you can understand from the pic.Any help please?

Fabio, apart from your SNAIC4 looking a bit dodgy, the 5 pin link plug looks a bit odd. Is it the right plug??

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Are there 4 cores on that ‘Snaic’ - i can only see red, blue and yellow in the pictures. Just wondering if the 24v rail is connected from the 150.

James,Snaic is ok, thank you.All 4 pins are connected, the last one in hided.Richard,do you mean the long one or the one under it?Sorry,I’m not expert…

Ah Ok - I think Richard is right. The lower plug looks like a blanking plug has been fitted rather than a link plug

Right James.Everything is working now!What a stupid I am,I just put a plug without pins!Thank you very much James.Mille grazie Richard!!


Good news - all credit to Richard for spotting the dodgy plug :grinning:

Maybe as a first upgrade, replace the SNAIC4 - it might cause problems sooner or later.

Definitely Klout10

I’m writing down all the terms in English regarding Naim devices,cables and so on,so next time I will mention them properly and perhaps I will not disturb the Forum.
Ancora grazie.

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