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First post, I have just bought a hicap dr second hand bargain with 5 to 5 snaic din. I have a Nac 202 /200. Do I need a bridging plug or adapter to connect as the din does not fit ? Cheers all and merry Christmas

The 5 pin DIN fits on socket 4 of the Hicap, the other end goes to the 5 pin socket on the 202, remove any link plugs first.
The 4 pin goes from the 200 to socket 3 on the Hicap.

Check the wiring diagram in the FAQ section.

The cable banded end goes to the source; 202 and Hicap.


As per Guinless, welcome to the forum however it sounds like your snaic may not be correct. Can you supply a picture of it?

Switch off before making connections,

So the 5/5 snaic goes from HiCap socket 4 to NAC202 socket upgrade 2 - there should be a link plug to remove and both are 5 through 240 degree din sockets.

The 4/4 snaic goes from HiCap socket 3 to the NAP 200 4 pin socket.

See P18 on this https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/files/Connection%20Guide%20Amplification%20Rev%202C.pdf

Hi guys
Thanks for your advice as requested here is the back of the 202, I think the input maybe faulty/ broken ?

See here - https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/files/Premplifiers%20Reference%20English%20Issue%201i.pdf

You have a Link Plug fitted, at present. Thats where AFAIK, the SNAIC5 from a HiCap goes.
The upper ‘Paddle’ is removed to connect a NAPSC.

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It looks like the cover has come off the blanking plug that is presently in the Upgrade 2 socket. Your 200 would have been plugged into the Standard socket.

With the Hicap in the system the 200 now plugs into the Hicap and the Snaic5 connects from Hicap to the Upgrade 2 socket (pull out the link plug) on the 202. See below

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Thats it…!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely brilliant thank you guy so much
Happy new year

It looks as if the top part of your link plug - bottom LH socket in group of 4 in the picture, has been lost.

The top link plug is for when you add a NAPSc which I recommend you do next.

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Got the napsc so now very excited with my set up, cdx2, rega p7 TT, mm stage line, 202/200 Hicap, napsc and pmc twenty.22. Should see me through a few happy years


Just read the Instructions… :laughing:

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