202 to 272

Hi can I ask opinions on changing my 202 to a 272. The 272 is becoming great value on the used market - and will probably become even better value in the coming months.
I’m tempted to change to allow me access to the world of Naim streaming.
However as nice as that would be I’m not desperate to go streaming.
Is the pre amp in the 272 significantly better than the 202? Or should I go for a new pre amp in time and add a separate streamer in later years?
System 202/200 Napsc, Hi cap (both non dr)
WH phantom and Kudos C10.
Appreciate any replies

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Hi @petzhou1. If you go for the 272 a 555PS will really make it shine. An XPSDR will do a fine job too. A 272 by itself won’t be much better than a 202. Adding the 555PS or XPSDR will improve the pre and the streaming aspects of the 272. It can be an end game pre/streamer.

A 272 adds streaming capabilities as you well know. It does use the old streaming platform which has subsequently been updated with the newer products.

The 272 is very good value on the used market right now.

Have you thought about your end game system?

A 282 with hicap will outperform a 272.

I have an 82, Supercap 2, 2 x135s, NDS with 555PS.

Best of luck with your decisions.

Personally I would upgrade to the 272 if you want to go down the streaming route. If you don’t I would either leave your 202 as is or change to a 282.

Many thanks Dan. I appreciate your comments. I actually don’t know what my end game is. In the past week I’ve gone from very content to wondering!!! You know how it is!

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I’d definitely decide where I want to go before spending - especially when considering that the streaming capabilities of the 272 are already behind the curve…


Here’s a different view. Your 202 will still be working and current in 20 years time, and will still have a value then. Streaming products are a moving target and get better every couple of years, so I personally think its best to keep the streamer separate (if you have space for more boxes). If you have money in your pocket, consider a pre-loved 282 and pre-loved ND5 XS2 streamer, then you can sell the 202. Or just go for the ND5 XS2 streamer.

Eggs in basket…


It would be helpful to know what your source(s) are. I have a 272 and owned a 202 in the past. I’d say that as straight analogue preamps the 272 is better. That said, if you are not bothered about the streaming and DAC functionality of the 272 you may be better getting a 282. Again, it depends on your source.

The 272 of course works happily as a standard preamp, and has a lovely volume control that moves up smoothly from 0 to 100. Mine has both a tuner and turntable attached, and because it has a DAC we have a digital output from the TV connected to it. You also get a wonderful world of internet radio. So it can do a lot, if those things matter.

Remember also that adding a XPSDR of 555PSDR bring a huge performance uplift to streamer DAC and preamp. The 272/555 is really something.


I think you sell it well @anon4489532.

It has alot going for it, even with the newer streaming platform.

Definitely worthy of consideration. I looked at it when I was buying up Naim gear and went down the separates routes instead at the time.

It will save you on boxes too!

Im not particularly trying to sell it, and apologies if it comes across as that. People should only buy it if it does what they want. What I do know is that it represents extraordinary value for money. Having started my career with the Audit Commission, VFM is in my blood!!

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Hi thank you all for taking the time to reply. I omitted to say my source is an LP 12 with an Ittok and Ortofon Cadenza red.

Your post doesn’t come over as trying to push the 272 Nigel. Having watched your contributions to the forum over time it has always been clear you are a big supporter of the 272

I’ve had it five years so it must be doing something right.

When I compared these preamps in my dealers demo room, I found a 202 (powered by a 200DR) with NDX as source to sound a fair bit better than a 272 without external PSU. Adding an XPS DR put the two at a very similar level - on sound quality alone I still preferred the NDX/202, although the 272 wins on ease of use, particularly the volume control.
Of course, that’s not a comparison of the two preamps alone, so you may find things different one way or the other.
If you do keep the 202 I would recommend getting a HicapDR (the DR/service package is a crazy price, so probably better to buy one.)
If you want to try streaming, the old streaming board in the 272 is fine if you only want to stream music stored on a NAS or computer. If you want to try web based streaming and internet radio I would suggest getting a current streamer such as an ND5XS2.

Swapping your 202 for 272 looks like something of a sideways move to me and I speak as an ex 272/XPSDR owner. If you want to try streaming with your current setup, I’d look to a ND5XS2. As well as giving you high quality local streaming, this would support Qobuz (and Roon). Don’t underestimate remote streaming such as Qobuz. When I first got a streamer with native support for Qobuz, I didn’t expect to use it, but after a trial, I took out a subscription and now couldn’t imagine being without it.



Many do believe 272 pre is better than 202, what always suprised me. No, I never had a chance to compare both, but is it’s the case Naim is very likely to create such great product as 272.
In your particular case I would agree with PeakMan this is sideways move. Streaming still young tech and products becoming outdated too quickly and 272 is already not new.
Still it make sense to do ? Maybe , if you can get 272 at extremely low price. Otherwise I believe focus on dedicated amplifier is better route plus separate streaming as second hand “ND***”


I have a SN2 but was looking at going down the 282/Hi/250 route. (Source CDS3/XPS2). However cost is an issue, current value of 272 with a dac to improve my tv sound and a intro for me to streaming, seems an absolutely bargain in the Naim world. For me to get a 282/hicap 2 DR secondhand would be at least a further 2k

This would free me up to get a 250 DR. This power amp would be an end game for me. When funds allow I can move the 272 for a limited loss but it also keeps my options open.

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Hi - many thanks to aeveryone for your considered replies to my post. I think for now I will (try) to stay with my current system. With the LP12 as my main source - and my attitude to streaming -it maybe wouldn’t be sensible to make a change that doesn’t improve the
pre amp. Perhaps aim for a better pre (but of course that will put pressure on the 200! Then add a stand alone streamer at some point. Many thanks again all.

Wih vinyl as your main source, I think you’re making the right choice. If you want to improve things, there’s always another LP12 upgrade possible if you feel like spending some money!
Regarding your amp, how old is it? Given that it’s non-DR it might be old enough to be due a recap soon. My first choice would be to get a Hicap DR, which is in itself a preamp upgrade, then think about whether or not you want a 282.

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Moving to a 282 or even 252 will not put pressure on the 200, it’s an exceptionally capable power amp.

Good luck.




Hi -,that’s good to know about the abilities of the power amp. Both my amps were serviced in the past two years. Thanks again

Whilst it is absolutely true that the 282 won’t be put at a disadvantage with the 200, if you do go down that route there is a lovely progressive improvement as you add a Hicap to the 282, then swap the 200 for a 250DR, then add a 2nd Hicap, then get a Supercap, then a 252, then a 300DR… :joy: :joy: :joy: