2021 what to expect?

After the joys of 2020, I thought a light-hearted look ahead might help us cope with whatever 2021 throws at us.

Will castles become the new normal venue for eye tests?

Will Naim finally sort out the latest streaming system bugs? (OK, I know this is probably wishful thinking?)

Will Linn make a direct drive turntable?

I thought I would start with some dark humour, (a net find so don’t blame me for the spelling, etc)

What are your predictions?


More of the same for the first several months im afraid


I’ve started searching the car classifieds for the “last of the V8 Interceptors” !


Another sh!t-show…

Lets up the positivity even more with this:


Lol. Don’t worry 2001 A Space Odyssey didn’t pan out either

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More of the same, but different…obviously! :upside_down_face:

Charlie Foxtrot , FUBAR , SNAFU etc …take your pick .

Lots of positivity here.
Covid-19, vaccine is now coming online. Vulnerable to be protected first and then we can start getting back to normal routines.


Long time before normal but at least some expectations now.

Two new volunteer ‘jobs’ for me start in Jan 2021, one will be in a vaccination hub.



The end of COVID controlling our lives. It will take time, likely a good part of the year before a real discernible difference, but as the availability and take-up of vaccines grows it will start to become visible: It is something to look forward to, and hold on to, through the bleak times of lockdowns and economic disaster (whether or not solely COVID caused).

I’d reply but think Richard has been clear in his message about politics so will refrain from breaking the rules…

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Indeed. Some should know better by now. Please respect Naim’s wishes here. thank you.

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