2023 Women’s World Cup

Wasn’t sure if I could mention this in either of the football threads but it’s only a few days before the kick off. Hosts Australia (the Matilda’s) have their last hit against France this Friday night.


We have tickets to see Spain v Costa Rica here in Wellington Friday week. It’s going to be really good to watch this calibre of Football here in the Antipodes.


That is a really big score for the Australia/New Zealand game!


Opening night of the FIFA women’s World Cup here in auckland tonight and started with an absolute banger between NZ and Norway. NZ went in as 9 to 1 underdogs and absolutely killed it… had everything great football should, pace, drama, heart - and was in no way diminished versus an equivalent men’s game… looking forward to the rest of the tournament now if this is the standard…


This is usually a terrific competition.

Our Irish girls a bit unlucky to lose to the Aussies, there was very little between the sides and we finished on top but just could not grab an equaliser.


Congratulations New Zealand on the first victory in a World Cup match ever! :partying_face::partying_face:


I’d already started a thread @Richard.Dane can you please combine these 2 threads.

Also it’s a bit disappointing the lack of interest. If it was the men’s WC you’d be all over it, shame.

Been some good games Aus plays Nigeria and England plays tomorrow evening (our time).


The latter stages should provide a bit more forum interest. Let’s hope so. But I am guilty as charged.

Lack of interest is due to Lack of interest. :grinning:

England U21 won the European Championship a few weeks ago. Nobody was interested in watching that, and the standard is a lot higher than women’s international football.

I watched a couple of matches, but only managed 10 minutes.

As badger said. If England get through to the Semi Finals people in England will become interested.

So you’re not interested in football just English football. :smirk:

I wouldn’t say that at all. I didn’t say I would be interested if England get through to the Semi Finals

I only watch games that Everton are involved in. Not interested in watching any other English teams, although I do like to watch the later stages of the Uefa Champions League.

And the brave Irish girls go down again against Canada - class won out in the end.

If we were a lot more positive in our approach we would be a really good side I think but as with the men’s team, we tend to be a bit defensive over here. The Irish coach didn’t hold back when she said we need to play 5 at the back because we lack a bit of pace in the centre, ouch. Shades of Trappatoni when he managed the men’s team a few years ago.

Hopefully we will attack Nigeria in the last game and show what we can do.

As in the Euros last summer, the standard at women’s level is terrific, these girls are very skillful and a joy to watch. Hopefully Sam Kerr will be fit to play soon and show us how good she is.

Aussies now in danger after going down 3-2 to Nigeria.

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Last year I took my family, including my elder son that doesn’t (normally) like football, to the Women’s Euro semi-final France vs Germany at a packed MK Dons stadium. We all had a great evening out.

I took Mrs R to Aston Villa vs Man City last year. Quite a different vibe in stadium compared with men’s football, with rival supporters not formally segregated. An entertainingly close 4-3 match.

My football mad younger son hasn’t yet fully embraced women’s football, even though I am a big fan. He does know who most of England’s players are and he will likely watch the knock-out rounds with me, hopefully including non-England nations.

I have watched some of the Women’s World Cup on tv so far. I am looking forward to England vs Denmark tomorrow 9.30am BBC1.

I’m loving the games. The standard is decent and the stadiums/organization have been first class. The trouble for us here (Eastern US) is the time difference. Melbourne, for example, is 14 hours ahead. That has made most live matches tricky for us to watch.

As for the football, I’ve been most impressed with Germany, Netherlands, US, Spain and Japan – in that order. But it’s early days and that’s likely to change quickly.

Welcome to our world, we’re normally the ones up all hours watching stuff in the UK or the States.


I feel your pain. Looks wet and windy in Aus. Is that normal in your winters?

No it’s dry and cold where I am, although I need to acknowledge that it has been reaching the early 20s during the day. :grin:

Maybe it was just Melbourne. I’d have to look up what the 20s is in old money. High 60s? That’s when we soft Floridians put on our winter woolies!